Friday, April 18, 2014

Promises broken at Astoria Cove

From the Daily News:

A developer in need of a zoning change in order to build a sleek residential complex in Astoria has quietly downgraded the number of affordable units the building would offer.

Alma Realty originally promised “a minimum” of 340 units of affordable housing at Astoria Cove, a complex of five buildings that could tower up to 32 stories high.

But that number dropped to 295 in an official application filed with the city in March.

Housing advocates worry that the reduced number could float under the radar when a city review begins this month to rezone a handful of prime waterfront blocks from industrial to residential.

But Astoria Cove, which will include space for a public school and retail use, was developed during the Bloomberg administration and therefore should be treated to the former mayor’s more development-friendly rules, the developer’s lawyer argued.


Anonymous said...

What's the unit breakdown? Studios, one bedrooms, two bedrooms etc...

If they reduced the number of affordable smaller units to increase the number of affordable larger units suitable for families this wouldn't be all that bad, even if the total number of affordable units were to drop.

J said...

this is bad not only for the lie that is affordable housing in queens,but when the next Sandy comes(and it sure as hell will),these buildings are not going to withstand the winds and land erosion.

Anonymous said...

By affordable units, they mean that one has to make Atleast 70k to be able to qualify for these houses.

Anonymous said...

Who can afford market rates these days? Who has $5K/month for a one or two bedroom? Most people don't even make $60K before taxes.

There are no jobs in NYC anymore other than those for the slave class. You have to start your own company if you're lucky enough to have skills people want.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised?

Anonymous said...

Astoria Houses got hoodwinked and they will see all the promises removed one by one.

That is what happens when you do not network to other communities.

Community board members are now waking up that the view in Astoria Park will be blocked, the infrastructure is inadequate, and they have rubber stamped a disaster.

Now a few want to start a new civic but are afraid of pissing off the Vallones.

The old guard in Astoria has an almost pathological dependency on the politicians - look how two or three derailed the community's efforts for the Steinway Mansion.

Until the political scene in Astoria matures not much can change the community's slide.

Anonymous said...

The actual geographic location has historically been known as Pot Cove. Why is this developer unilaterally renaming it as Astoria Cove? Is Astoria a branding item now?

Anonymous said...

How did two or three people derail community efforts on Steinway? I thought the problem was the house cost like $5 million and only rich people have that.