Saturday, April 19, 2014

MTA looking to expand Jamaica depot

From the Times Ledger:

The MTA recently bought up a handful of properties adjacent to the South Jamaica bus depot, which it has been hoping to expand for years, but until the agency can come up with the needed capital funds, construction plans will sit as idle as the buses parked along Merrick Boulevard.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority paid $6.6 million earlier this month to the Hollywood, Fla.-based Rejtx LLC for four properties fronting Merrick Boulevard on the block just south of York College and Tuskegee Airmen Way as well as a fifth property at the block’s northwest corner.

The acquisition of the additional 50,000 square feet brings the MTA’s footprint on the block to about 221,000 square feet and represents a long-awaited milestone in the push to redevelop the aging facility.


Anonymous said...

Well muscle car Cuomo just gave TWU 8%, the LIRR is asking for 17% etc,...while at the same time the governor is taking tax revenue dedicated to the MTA and using it to plug holes elsewhere in the budget, and promising that the projected fare and toll increase of 4% next year won't go up as a result where exactly is the money for this set to come from? This sort of project is the kind that gets put off when anti transit generation greed car guys like Cuomo are running things.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing,but anything having connections to Hollywood,Fla. needs to be looked at with a gimlet eye so to speak snd viewed w suspicion and alarm.Something smells funny here!

Joe Moretti said...

This crap, which is a major eyesore, should have been taken care of decades again. This is not acceptable and would never have been acceptable in a white area, but again, just dump crap in a community of color. This is has been a long ongoing problem in all communities of color.

"City Councilman I. Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans), who served as head of the Queens bus drivers union before he was elected to office last year, said the MTA has been eyeing the properties for the last three years, but plans to renovate the depot go back much further."

Well, according to former Councilman Leroy Comrie, Miller was supposedly a very active member in the community, so where was he (and other leaders like Comrie) on this issue before.

This also goes to show the problematic infrastructure not only in Jamaica but all of NYC (and the rest of the country for that matter) that cannot handle the large population that just keeps growing. So keep wasting money on wars and getting involved in other countries, while our own house is falling apart. And of course the issue of using communities of color as dumping grounds for all kinds of crap

Anonymous said...

That compound looks like the Annapolis BOQ in Saigon where I stayed for a while in 1971.
I understood the need for the razor wire then, but it's kind of pathetic it's needed in a "civilized" country at peace.