Thursday, April 17, 2014

DOT workers have nothing but time

Another from my inbox:

On April 7th, we posted a story on QC about deBlasio's, Liz Crowleys, and Community Board 5's inability or unwillingness to implement a one way conversion of 70 Street in Maspeth to a one way northbound that was recommended over 2 years ago !!!


One of the stories we have gotten from the NYC DOT is that this is a budgetary concern. BULLS&#%!!! We are talking about 6 or 7 corners - Not all of Maspeth, NOT all of Queens and NOT all of NYC.


We have found the money !!!!

Take a look at the pictures of some of the dozen plus DOT trucks parked illegally along Grand Ave in Maspeth (above) while the workers are enjoying breakfast at 8:30.....truly an hour and an a half after their shift starts. THIS IS EVERYDAY !!!!

Look a little further, and notice the trucks parked around Juniper Park. These pictures were taken at 2:30 to 3 PM one recent afternoon. The workers were enjoying the sunshine waiting for their shift to end. This is less than 1/2 mile from Crowley's office....duh !!! Notice the meter maintenance truck. There are no meters within a mile of this location.

We have redacted the vehicle and plate #' s as it is not and was never our intention to get the workers into trouble, but rather to draw attention to the lies and stories we are being told.

There are enough man hours wasted here, that this conversion could be done on a daily basis !!!


Anonymous said...

Buying lottery tickets, coffee, donuts, soda, cigarettes, etc. They sure are busy and work very hard....

J said...

Mayor Zero Vision and Councilwoman Crow are biding their time for generation gentrification to take their knucklehead center constituents to populate your town so it will be safe to roam the streets with their texting/apping and walking habits and their brakeless fixed gear bikes.then you will see that one way street and maybe some extended sidewalk/bike lanes.

of course you will be priced out when these are implemented.

keep fighting though,and keep shaming these jerks.Identify the DOT supervisors of these idling trucks and workers.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know that the dot is backed up in work? And this is the reason why!

Anonymous said...

It's not the workers fault for getting over. It's the supervisors!
Why is this allowed to happen ?
1. Nepotism
2. Cronyism
3. Payoffs
4. All of the above

Anonymous said...

Blame the incompetent and lazy supervisors that the city employs, and before you post photos check and make sure you are certain of their break times in relation to their shift start times

Snake Plissskin said...

Funny how our politicians can drive around totally oblivious to problems that the rest of us see

- and focus laser-like on the 'needs' of developers that the rest of us try to ignore.

Anonymous said...

good work Crappie but I would have NOT blurred the license plate.

Anonymous said...

Drive south on 69th street from Grand Ave. and once you approach the LIE service Road, also known as the Queens Midtown Expressway, you'll see a smallish traffic sign on the right which says you must turn left from the left lane onto the service road.

There are no painted lane dividers or left turn arrows. Many drivers miss the traffic sign and proceed straight ahead from the left lane endangering those who are going straight from the right lane.

I've complained to Crowley's office at least five times over the past two years to no avail. "Oh, we'll look into it" is the bored response from her aides.

I've called Assembly rep Markey's office and the aide was unaware that the problem corner was in her district.

I've called Sen. Addabbo's office and they seemed interested but nothing has been done.

A children's playground, Frontera Park, is located on this corner and one day a severe accident will occur there hurting children coming from or going to the playground or to the Mr. Softee ice cream truck that parks illegally on 69th during the warmer months.

When that happens, and it will, the local pols will cry and blame the DOT. Until then, they couldn't care less about safety.

Anonymous said...

To address the one-way conversion, I've heard that it will happen in the near future. They claim the latest holdup is that it needs to be installed during a school break as to not cause a disruption during dropoff or pickup

Anonymous said...

The lines on the roadway are merely reinforcement of posted regulations. Most drivers will not obey these markings. In addition, the markings will not be visible most of the time because there will normally be at least one car, who is waiting to turn, in front of the driver who will continue straight and resting directly on these markings. Case in point - westbound LIE service road and Grand Ave , nobody obeys those road markings (or perhaps even sees them)

Anonymous said...


Joe said...

Don't cover the registration tags these slacker F-ckers (and the bosses)should loose jobs and benefits.
This is no different then STEALING the public's tax money!!!
The city needs to review the taped evidence from the security cameras, then fire ALL INVOLVED and set an example.
--I have NO MERCY FOR these SLACKERS making $100,000 a year wile it like driving on the moon on streets in the area. !!!

Anonymous said...

"Don't cover the registration tags these slacker F-ckers (and the bosses)should loose jobs and benefits. "

Yeah because I'm sure you spend a solid 8 hours of work at your job with no breaks and no meal time.

These are the low level guys. From the poles in the truck it looks like the guys who put the signs in the ground and do parking meter work. I'm sure they get work orders for the day and when it is completed they are done for the day.

If anything higher management is the ones who need to be held accountable for the mismanagement of the agency. Not the guy making 40,000 a year with an expired contract to put signs into the ground because he took a little longer lunch hour after the work he had to do for the day is done.

He just can't take it upon himself to decide to make a street a one way because he has extra time.

Anonymous said...

I see track workers on the subway loafing around at night all the time. Uusually 5 or 6 standing around, maybe one doing anything that resembles work.

Anonymous said...

Keep voting Democrats, keep voting and keep asking yourself why things go wrong. A big dilemma...

Anonymous said...

"These are the low level guys"

But that's where the investigation should start to get the higher management kingpin racketeers making 100K+ a year OUT.

Anonymous said...

Some DOT workers start at 5:30 am some start at 6:30 am it's not fair to assume they are doing something wrong and post pics of the trucks they drive without knowing the whole story why the are there it is a good place for breakfast and lunch witch they are allowed to have let's say you are on a break and someone takes a pic of u and post in an article and you get hassled at work for it is that fair

Anonymous said...