Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boardwalk finally being rebuilt

From DNA Info:

Construction on the first phase of the multimillion dollar Rockaway Beach boardwalk project began Monday, more than a year after it was partially destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, city officials said.

The first phase of the $274 million project began on Beach 86th Street with the removal of some concrete pilings that had held up the historic boardwalk for decades, according to a Parks Department spokesman.

Crews will remove the pilings — which officials had determined in December couldn't hold the new boardwalk, further delaying it — and rebuild the thoroughfare on steel beams instead.

Years of exposure to salt water had gotten into the concrete, officials said, and began to corrode the steel inside.

The first phase of the project runs from Beach 86th Street to Beach 97th Street and is expected to be completed by Memorial Day 2015, the Parks Department said.


Anonymous said...

Why have New Jerseys boardwalks already been rebuilt?
Why is NYC s Parks Dept so ineffective and incompetent?

J said...

Rockaway needs levees along with the ridiculously delayed boardwalk.

Didn't anyone see where the sand went the day after sandy?all over the streets by the El. train.Its called land erosion.expect this thing to be finished way beyond 2016 or not at all if it becomes rockaway bay.

Ms. Tsouris said...

The Long Beach boardwalk was rebuilt a year after the hurricane. It's a year and a half and as always Rockaway is getting the short end of the stick. Rebuilding its boardwalk should have been a priority.

Anonymous said...

The NY area was awarded lots of federal aid for Sandy but because MYC has been so lax in implementing meaningful ways to expend it to build and better the rockaways and other similarly assaulted areas, we are now learning we may never see all or major portions of it as it has been and will continue to be spent on other areas that have their acts together!