Monday, April 14, 2014

Waiting until the cows come home?


Received a call from Carolina Gill at Assembly Member Marge Markey's office to let me know they have been receiving complaints of youth hanging out at the abandoned house at 52-29 84th Street and had followed up with the Department of Buildings.

Carolina said that she was informed by the Department of Buildings that a court order to seal the building was approved on March 26th. On March 27th, the order was forwarded to Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) who now has to hire a contractor to do the work.

We also heard from Michael Mallon at Council Member Dromm's office to say that he also followed up. I asked him to try and find out how long it will take to hire a contractor. Hopefully it doesn't take several months.


Sons of Liberty said...

Contractor boarded up windows. Front door is not seured as of yet. All in all complaint filed with assembly person on Thursday through various parties, work done next day.

J said...

could be the next knockdown center