Monday, April 28, 2014

Judge stymies town's bid to stay crap-free

From CBS New York:

A federal judge has ruled in a housing discrimination lawsuit against the Village of Garden City.

The judge ruled that Garden City violated the Fair Housing Act. WCBS 880′s Sophia Hall said.

The plaintiffs in the case, a group called ‘Communities For Change’ argued that the decision to adopt zoning for single-family and town homes instead of multifamily housing made affordable housing economically unfeasible.

Ninety-three percent of Garden City’s residents are white.

The judge said that Garden City has to set aside 10 percent of future multifamily developments for affordable housing. The village has 30 days to appeal the decision.

A village spokesperson said that zoning changes were not enacted with discriminatory intent.


Anonymous said...

Long Islanders think they are safe from overdevelopment, affordable housing or your nrighborhood changing? ? Well guess what, whatever you ran away from will follow. No one is safe from what is going on on city's allover. Be united and be involved in your community. Take pride in where you live and start the change you would like to see.

Anonymous said...

This violates the Fair Housing Act how!? Would love to see someone try this nonsense in the Forest Hills Gardens.

Anonymous said...

How can a judge unilaterally mandate something like zoning rules and price structures for private developments no private land?

Talk about overstepping.

Anonymous said...

Why not apply this rule everywhere in the United States and make any single family zoning anywhere unconstitutional?

Joe said...

Than you judge !
Like in Manhasset, Glen Head and Sea Cliff---No room to start with but NOW there will be absolutely no housing developments in the future.
People don't want that shit in those places.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about discrimination at all, this is about economics. They can't afford the neighborhood. Hard working middle class people are not allowed to have anything nice.

Should we all sue to demand affordable housing in Manhattan?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the judge, Arthur D. Spatt, lives in Great Neck:

Last I checked, Great Neck wasn't a bastion of affordable housing either!

Joe Moretti said...

Such bullshit and what a hypocrite the judge is. I love all these "for the people types", yet none of them live in communities that have"those people types".

If you are going to talk the talk, then you need to walk the walk.

Anonymous said...

Judge knew his ruling would take the $$ out of anybody constructing big multi dwelling turds.
Great Neck has perhaps 1 1/8 mile strip of "slop" run down prewar shacks on Steamboat road and a urban housing crapper on Spinny Hill. 40 urban family's perhaps where last year someone defecated in there own community housing swimming pool, many drug trafficing busts
The Iranian Jewish colonists have been snatching up the houses and keeping them private for family and extended family use.
The judges ruling meant to insure those towns never see any new apartment units, condos, co-ops. To do so even yesterday a variance and load of study's would be needed to build them out over the water on Pylons punching the top of the Manhasset/Lakevill aquifer. The only other space available is adjacent the Thomaston sewage treatment or LIPA plant in Glenwood Landing's contaminated "stinky creek". A full out WORLD WAR III would ensue for any democrats "looking to the future" would even think about changes to accommodate that. Especially in Garden City, Manhasset or Great Neck.
Forget it, those people will fight to the end and have the $$ to do so !!