Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Parking Avenger spots illegal DA office parking

Hi Crapper,

How about that long block of Union Turnpike between Austin Street and Queens Boulevard. That's where the Queens DA staffers usually park between 7am and 7pm. They are only entitled to park in a No Parking zone. But here's a taxpayer-funded staffer who parked in a No Standing zone.

I guarantee that if this were you or me, there would be a ticket slapped on our dashboard instantly.

-Parking Avenger


Anonymous said...

In general the parking agents do a good job in Kew Gardens. Two exceptions - the placards, usually just around the courthouse, and the business owners, especially Rosenblums on Lefferts, who block up the street excessively and slow down the buses and are a danger to everyone who has to swerve around them.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of these people actually Read the notes on their car? Usually when I see a piece of paper on my car without a orange envelope, I usually just throw it in the trash without reading it.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, if I saw this handwriting I wouldn't read the letter. I'm sure that letters placed on placarded vehicles are not a major nuisance... considering that if they ever get a ticket , it becomes "lost" in the system. Bear in mind, all PVB systems are interlocked and can therefore be viewed and "updated" by anyone with the level of security needed.. which is mostly any office manager or above

Fed up in Jackson heights. said...

Between 32nd avenue and northern boulevard. Half the block has "fire department only" signs illegally placed on poles by the firemen at the corner house. Then they park on the sidewalks in front of peoples homes 82 st. And in front if local businesses in sidewalk blocking pedestrian traffic as well as business doors. Let alone destroying sidewalks , benches, and trees.

Check it out. Any day of the week. All with "fireman" union plaques

Anonymous said...


Penmanship *