Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bill introduced to protect the convicted

From the Daily News:

Businesses would be banned from asking job applicants about their criminal records under a proposed city law.

The bill, which will be introduced this week, would prohibit commonly used check boxes on applications asking if the job seeker has been convicted of a crime, or any questions about the job seeker’s criminal record until after a job offer has been made.

“It’s extremely difficult for people who have convictions to get jobs,” said sponsor Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn). “It’s disheartening. If you’ve paid your debt to society, you should not have to do that again.”

Employers could be hit with $1,000 in damages if they asked about an applicant’s criminal record too soon.

The city already bars asking about convictions for government jobs, but the new bill would extend the mandate to all employers.

Under the bill, known as the “Fair Chance Act,” employers would only be able to retract a job offer if they discovered a conviction related to the job or that posed an undue risk to their business.

Jobs that require background checks would be unaffected by the changes.


Anonymous said...

This is stupid. If I were hiring for a job as a cashier, should I really give a job to a person who just got out of jail for robbery?

Anonymous said...

So let's assume I own a supermarket and because of this bill I hire a Sex Offender and he or she assaults someone in my store.......Guess who is going to be held responsible?

J said...

this is a mistake.I work with a bunch of former convicts,whom I am sure had to check the box,still have not changed their ways and will be emboldened by this and will be references to future applicants.

People deserve second chances,especially the wrongfully convicted,but this concession is going to eventually hurt the ones JW is trying to help.Especially businesses in his district.

Anonymous said...

Every business owner is responsible for doing a background check of his/ her employees. Case closed, Councilman Williams. Stop protecting the criminals and start doing something about the high number of shootings and murders occurring in your own district!

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how liberals are so concerned with the urban community, yet their policies show they have absolutely 0 street smarts....

Anonymous said...

A crime scene photographer, whom I met just yesterday, told us that the crime rate has gone up under Di Blasio....thanks to the end of stop and frisk.

She noted Brooklyn as having the highest spike in crime.

Queens, being a more backward borough, seems OK.
We "farmers" have got to be thankful for something.

Anonymous said...

"Guess who is going to be held responsible?"


Actually not you, since the plaintiff won't be able to show cause.

But I don't think this cooky idea will pass any muster; criminal records are made public by the state and there's nothing to stop a business owner from running a check and coming up with a convenient excuse not to hire the person.

Anonymous said...

Do your time and make sure you can never get a job again.

Wonderful work by the Criminal Justice System.


Anonymous said...

Don't commit a crime in the first place and you won't have to worry about getting a job!

Anonymous said...

NYC is a criminals paradise.

If you are convicted of a crime you get a slap on the wrist and if sentenced to prison you get released ridiculously early.

Illegal aliens aren't reported to the feds and now felons won't have to tell about their convictions on employment applications.

Now lets talk about STUPID. We always hear abut illegal guns and the efforts of our politicians to make it even more difficult for law abiding citizens to possess a weapon legally. Our leaders in Albany even passed a law declaring that anyone caught with a LOADED ILLEGAL gun on the streets of NY will have to serve a MINIMUM of three years in prison.

Guess what folks, the joke is on us. Read this: "In 2011, the latest year for which sentencing statistics are available, fewer than half the defendants who had been arrested for illegal possession of a loaded gun in New York City received a state prison sentence, according to an analysis of criminal justice statistics by the mayor’s office."

New York pols brag about our city being a "Sanctuary City". Yeah, a sanctuary for criminals and it's getting worse.

Anonymous said...

just in time for the convicted nyc /nys dem pols and one or two g.o.p., who have been imprisoned in the last few years, to get hired.

Anonymous said...

Do these morons sit around all day trying to figure out the most PC shit they can turn into law. Three more years to colic my secon pension and the good bye ny shitty......

Anonymous said...,the taxpayer ,just paid $27million to MEDICARE ADVANTAGE to cover the stealing of healthcare cost incurred by ILLEGAl ALIENS.

M/A is a health plan designed for senior citizens transferring the $100/month from social security directly to a private co. (eg. B/C-B/S.
RX drug coverage is included. Seniors on fixed incomes benefit from the lower out of pocket cost.

presently 30 million seniors who paid into s.s.and medicare during their working life qualify.

the illegals have some how infiltrated this system with fake I.D., so you pay for their health care.