Friday, April 25, 2014

Church may find salvation...or be sold to developers

From the Daily News:

The Borough of Churches is losing another congregation.

St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Fort Greene will close this summer following a string of maintenance issues and a long dwindling congregation, The News has learned.

Church officials said the 145-year-old congregation, which once boasted hundreds of parishioners, has shrunk to a paltry 30 regular members over the past 15 years.

Area residents predicted that St. Luke’s, which sits accross from Pratt Institute, will become an apartment building. Church officials said that they'd like to sell the $2.9 million property to a religious organization.

“Our hope is to sell it to another religious institution,” said Rimbo. “There are several developers in the area, [but] I don’t know if there’s any interest on their part.”


Anonymous said...

Beautiful building, but, glad that more centuries-old superstition is on the decline. Maybe one of the more likable hipster groups in the area can do something constructive with it.

Queens Crapper said...

As if there is such a thing as a likable hipster group.

I also love the fact that Christians believe in superstition, but other religions are part of diversity.

Anonymous said...

As a member of a similar type of congregation, I can let you know these buildingas are not cheap to maintain-- the maintenance is about $300K to 400K per year. Staff another $200 to $300K. If you need a new roof or plumbing-- the costs go up. Surprised they are only looking at a $2.9M sale price.

Anonymous said...

The Brooklyn Diocese has recently sole churches in Williamsburg with their schools because lack of attendance. One is almost done being converted into condos. No parishioners No problem, just sell the land $$$$.
I hope you didn't believe the Catholic church was worried about you and you soul. It's always been about the money.

Anonymous said...

They're all delusional, Crappy, including the pseudo-yogis peddling mumbo jumbo witch medicine in insurance plans, and the fundy Muslims looking to get your city tax dollars for Halal meals in schools. Maybe you'll find a post-worthy story about other religions' buildings so I can spread the disparagement more equally.

-Anon #1

Anonymous said...

Churches like this one in FG are essential and irreplaceable architectural treasures of the city.

I assume that's a big part of why Crappy posts to them. I don't think it's to troll other faiths or religions.

Anonymous said...

Hope whatever happens this beautiful building and architecture can be saved!

Mike Francesa said...

anon 1 -- Likable hipster groups?? Are you mad? You let this beautiful church fall into the hands of a hipster group and they'll use it for their goth fetish sex parties or whatever sacrilege they can come up with that would destroy the character of the neighborhood.