Saturday, April 12, 2014

Come hang out under the 7 train!

From the Sunnyside Post:

The areas located under the 40th Street and 46th Street subway stations—once known for pigeons, dirty newspaper stands and food vendors – are in for a makeover.

Sunnyside Shines, through a program with the Department of Transportation, will be converting these areas into plazas — through the NYC Plaza Program.

The program provides the BID with the ability to design a new space under the two stations in consultation with the community.

The designs can incorporate features such as planters, bike racks, benches and moveable tables and chairs. The plazas are also likely to be transformed into public gathering spaces.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, let's sit back and suck in all that car exhaust!

Anonymous said...

The concentration of carbon monoxide under the 7 viaduct is high and dangerous. It is a semi enclosed space where CO tends to hover with no place to go unless winds blow it outward. This would create a dangerous environment for people who will sit bad congregate there for a long period of time ( 30 mins, an hour,...) The idea of creating public space under hear should be closely examined before any plans are made.

Anonymous said...

I like the echos you can make under the elevated line.

J said...

don't forget the pigeons,they will have a field day(

it's like what the city has done to bryant park,union square,herald square and times square by putting markets or overpriced food vendors there.So I guess this solves the problem of the mta services changes on the weekend 7 and G lines.More bennies for generation gentrification

Anonymous said...

Adjacent to ten lanes of constant traffic exhaust and noise and in perpetual darkness. And impossible to hold conversations as the trains roll overhead.

What are they thinking?

Anonymous said...

And on weekend nights the younger locals will be hanging out, drinking, smoking some weed and getting mentally trashed.

Inevitably one of these revelers will wander out into Queens Blvd. and get hammered by a speeding cab, car, truck, bicycle or whatever and be killed or maimed and then di Blasio, the speed king, will have his minions (toadies) in the city council pass a bill lowering the speed limit on the boulevard to about 20 MPH.

It's all about curtailing the use of motor vehicles in the city and developing the main drags into
"pedestrian plazas".

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

If this was a steel elevated structure, yes, it would be too noisy. But this is a concrete structure, and you barely hear anything as the trains go by. Go stand under the 7 line at 46th Street (I have a feeling that you haven't). The go stand under it at 52nd Street and notice the difference.