Sunday, April 27, 2014

DeBlasio not all that different than Bloomberg...

From the NY Times:

At issue was the Council’s role in approving development projects that require changes in the city’s zoning ordinances — changes that would have to occur frequently if Mr. de Blasio is to reach his ambitious affordable housing goal. The mayor has repeatedly said he is willing to allow developers to build taller, denser buildings in exchange for setting aside units for low- and moderate-income renters.

Under the city’s charter-mandated land use process, known as the Uniform Land Use Review Process, a developer whose project would exceed the size permitted under existing zoning regulations must first get the proposal certified by the city’s Planning Department.

From there, projects go before the local community board, the borough president, the Planning Commission and finally the City Council — with a public hearing at every step. Approvals are required only from the Planning Commission and the Council.

When the mayor’s office negotiates with developers for public benefits — parks, plazas or low-priced apartments — it typically does so where the administration has the most leverage: before certification, or before the Planning Commission’s vote.

As it stands, members of the Council get to negotiate with developers for even more where they hold power: before the Council votes. For a single project, individual council members can hold great sway; traditionally, the full Council defers to the member or members who represent the affected neighborhoods before even bringing it to a vote. Developers say the Council’s ability to take a second bite of the apple leads them to hold back in talks with City Hall, so that they still have something to give when they come before the Council.

In recent days, according to a Council official aware of the talks, aides to Mr. de Blasio proposed that council members raise their concerns at the beginning of the process — before certification — rather than at the end. The administration would then negotiate on the Council’s behalf and reach what the mayor’s aides suggested could be a better deal for the city as a result.

But at a meeting of the Council’s leadership on Thursday morning, a member briefed on it said that David Greenfield, a councilman from Brooklyn and the chairman of the Land Use Committee, had argued forcefully that Mr. de Blasio was trying to undermine the land use process in a way that would erode the Council’s charter-granted powers. The council member said Mr. Greenfield had warned that he expected the mayor to bring up the idea in a meeting later that day and that he would vigorously oppose it.


J said...

Of course he's not that different.the Fun Size Mayor all but assured his victory by feigning outrage and disapproval of the Blaz's political beliefs and declaring the city's grim future if he won the primary and election.Pure machevellian shenanigans.

As for the zero vision mayor,the campaign strategist,I mentioned before here that he has no hangups about these utopian monoliths.these will built by any means necessary,even if it means breaking city charter rules.this is the same stunt the fun size mayor did to get term limits overturned.

as someone who has been vainly trying to survive check to check and get a decent roomy place to live and still save for the future and remain in the "greatest city in the world"(the people who say this should shut the fuck up),I don't think this is the way to do this.But this what happens with decades of graft and corrupt elected officials,this process is etched in stone and will never change in our lifetime.


Anonymous said...

"When the mayor’s office negotiates with developers for public benefits — parks, plazas or low-priced apartments"


Yeah that's why we have such huge growth in new & maintained parks, schools, and transit options, right? If we had 10 feet of new subway tunnel for every high rise built recently, we'd probably have 3 or 4 new lines.

The mayors office negotiates for campaign contributions from the real estate horde. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

I'll give you 33 billion reasons he is different...

J said...

different in billions,

similar in morals.

Anonymous said...

Communities need to stay strong and united. Political figure heads are one against a mob of residents in this great city. Don't let them dictate, we can make progress if united.

Anonymous said...

This bleeding heart liberal will soon be after all the unused basements in places like Ridgewood for "affordable housing"
Forget the current laws and your rights. Come to your door with that single pregnant mom of 6 so the city can collect more federal goverment subsidy $$. Same shit Lindsay and Johnson did in the 60s with "come and get it" but with a a new twist.
Private Queens homeowners will be in deep shit when unused space is taxed or used to create new fines.

Ned said...

This guy is no more singular then that dummy in the white house, both asshole’s just like the donkeys and gorillas up in the Bronx Zoo.
Folks ranting here are correct YEAH ASSHOLE- however it took a lot more assholes voting for him to put him there.
All these progressive liberals, sheep and dumb hipsters will stare open eyed like owls when the money runs out. Better yet when they have to quit school, sell there fingerpaint & roof top hot tubs and get a job or starve. I bet DiBlasio throws like a schoolgirl and has never done a hard days work in his life. Another mindless puppet of the democrat socialist party---NO WAIT I mean Maoist, Marxist, Nazi and Obama Socialist party attempting to turn this country into a socialist state

One may ask what the hell happened to the eyes, ears and brain’s people were once were born with ? Well you need look no further then the public education systems in the five boroughs.

To add like the Governor and president this bums exploiting children to push his gun-free America agenda. Yeah all deserve armed guards. But innocent people and homeowners are forbidden from protecting themselves when desperate 'urban" animals driven by overpopulation, unemployment and non existent law enforcement start coming through your windows.
What a screwed up ASS BACKWARDS state and city this has become I'm moving to Texas, Mississippi or Nevada..F_ this !!


Anonymous said...

Ned...your BS about "donkeys" and "gorillas" completely silences anything you have to say after that. If any change has to happen in terms of what Anon 4 has to say (voice of reason here), it's to silence this BULLSHIT about right vs. left, and all the conspiracies therein.

Communities are taken back at a micro-local level. It means being involved in your block, your neighborhood, your civic organizations, at the level of your property, etc.


Ned said...

"completely silences anything you have to say after that"

Typical politician claptrap to dismiss the individuals and effects they don't like to hearing.
I judge people by actions and outcome and all I see with these liberal democrat politicians is stupidity (donkeys as in there own mascot ) and behavior like thugs (gorillas) Consequently the interpretations in my last above post 100% valid and descriptive even if it was not the “lawyer-politician narrative ” practiced in your pinko clubhouses and courtrooms.
Your name doesn’t happen to be Paul or Tony does it ?

Anonymous said...

Diblasio is reported to have supported Ortega, a communist/Sandinista.
Read: "In Denial:Historians,Communism,& Espionage by Harvey Klehr
"Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America", H.Klehr.

the Marxists never quit......

Joe said...

All true. Diblasio is no doubt a Marxist and to add much more dangerous to the middle class homeowner then Bloomberg could have ever been.
Most his dumb sheep voters dont read, view debates, watch news, understand economics, know history or can even comprehend what a communist or Sandinista is.
His people (like all the gullible Obama voters) simply elect whoever promises the most free stuff and looks cool on TV.

Anonymous said...

No Second Term! No Second Term! No Second Term!