Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Someone drank the Hater-ade

Just wanted to bring your attention to this unintentionally hilarious article from Greenpointers that was meant to put me in my place. Choice excerpts are below:

Masbeth? Where the hell is that? Furthermore, Miss Heather never implied embezzlement and I never said that the boat club was paying one of their members to paint a mural. I said a member of the boat club was receiving money to paint a mural along Newtown Creek in Maspeth. Dear readers, guess where that money is coming from?
Okay. "As per a vote" the boathouse came in 3rd place. The mystery lies in how it pole-vaulted over its competition into first. Many feel that the outcome was predetermined and that the vote was just an exercise in futility. There are members of the Newtown Creek Alliance who were kept in the dark about the new proposed location of the boathouse - until Miss Heather posted it on her blog. Why is that?
The remaining $7? No. Not even the remaining $7M, which is what I assume they were trying to say. There was $7M LEFT after administrative fees were deducted and millions were given to NYSERDA for distribution. The $3M set aside for the boathouse came from THAT. They are basically sitting on half the pot of dough that was to be allocated for parks projects.
Geoggrey Croft? Holy mackerel.

What they tried to do with this blog post is really interesting: they tried to make this a matter of nasty bloggers vs. the angelic boat club and not what this is really about - a handful of people within not-for-profits in Brooklyn that seem to be procuring and kicking each other public money. A nauseating daisy chain of sorts.

The funny thing is that after you finish mentally correcting all the mistakes contained in that poorly written article, you quickly come to the conclusion that they did not refute anything that either Miss Heather or I wrote. So you gotta wonder what the point was.

It's entirely possible that the editor of Greenpointers (a Middle Village native that moved to Greenpoint, purchased Greenpointers, turned it into a blog whose content is quite pro-gentrification and then was dismayed when she could no longer afford to live there...she now lives in Ridgewood) was "preoccupied" while editing this sloppy piece. Why do I say that? Because she wrote a post on Valentine's Day letting the world know just how much she loves smoking marijuana.

This is the same person who applied for a ridiculous amount of environmental settlement funds to author a website about living healthy:

You can't make this shit up, folks.

I thought you would enjoy seeing the North Brooklyn Boat Club in action this past weekend:
Not much educating going on, but there's a bonfire, plenty of beverages and Lord knows what's going on in that sink.
I can see why this group should get $3M in environmental funds to build a clubhouse inside a hotel.
Mind you, the plans for the construction of the hotel have been stalled since December 2013.
Looking at this alley and knowing how much public money is being poured into it, doesn't it make you feel like you're living in Bizarro World?

If I'm a "hater" because I am sick of underhanded tweeding attempts that exploit communities and waste our tax dollars and have no problem making my feelings known, then I proudly accept the moniker. It certainly beats making excuses for the lack of transparency of the Commodore and his associates.

Thankfully, Curbed and its commenters see through the B.S.


Anonymous said...

Now, now Crappy:

1. You missed in the third segment you posted that Gina/Jen G/friends misspelled Newtown Creek. That shit happens when you're trying edit text from a "smartphone".
2. Can Gina (the ostensible author of this post) be held accountable for the final product? Unless things have changed she got $25.00 for it.
3. Gina contacted me about the "controversy" once and only once. On February 11th, 2014

4. But of course, making this a North Brooklyn Boat House matter (and going after the "messengers", so to speak) distracts attention from the greater issue. That being a very few, select, people have access to grant money hereabouts.

Some see fit to use it as their personal bank account and then get nasty--- REALLY NASTY---- when folks start asking questions. So they accuse, send nasty emails, try to pressure other people to see things "her/his way", etc.

Been there, done that.


New York Shitty

P.S. Dewey Thompson is no longer a "Commodore" he's a "Harbor Master"

Anonymous said...

You are too good Crappy. How in hell are you able to take these photos ? Drone?

Queens Crapper said...

Dewey is now a harbor master? That sounds like a step down. I wonder what happened.

Anonymous said...

The backlash against those lifting the veil is always predictable. Keep the heat turned up!

Anonymous said...

$100k+ to write a dopey website full of misinformation and misspellings? Sadly, I can see this being approved as she has friends on the board of the GCEF.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's entirely possible that the editor of Greenpointers (a Middle Village native that moved to Greenpoint ....

Damn, when I read it the writing it actually SOUNDED like someone from Queens.

Word to the warning in Brooklyn - keep Queens on their side of the creek. You do not need a clique of D-listers running anything in your borough.

Anonymous said...

Crapatoa East of Java Street,

How does it feel to be a "toxic coward"? C'mon give us the inside info.

Queens Crapper said...

I'd have to say that the toxic cowards are the people who paddle around the Newtown Creek superfund site while sitting on $3M that could go toward better purposes than a mystery clubhouse inside the Argentos' hotel. They are the ones who failed to release their plans to the public that's financing their venture.

On the other hand, my opinions are free of charge and aren't funded by taxpayers.

Rutila said...

I e-mailed Jen ( a link to this post, and guess what I got back?

"Hi there-

Thanks for emailing!

This email has been in use for over 8 years (& it's a major shit show) so we are phasing it out."

Good thing she didn't win that grant for "health tips" or that cash would be sitting unclaimed.

Anonymous said...

The list of interesting characters connected to the boathouse is quite long: - a nasty chick who can't afford to live in Greenpoint anymore but just spent months living on a houseboat (like that's cheap), the lawyer that helped get the Greenpoint rezoning passed that ushered in the gentrification of the area, a grown man who wants to be called "The Commodore" or "the Boat Master", an actor who videotapes himself jumping off a pier while nude and gives lessons in wilderness survival and then there's the "artist" that gets thousands of dollars for painting murals where few will see them. The question is how and why they get so much funding. $24,000 to tell people not to throw cigarette butts in the Creek? $24,000 for that ridiculous "Ed Shed" (Miss Heather had a great post on that one that you linked to, Crapper. It's mindboggling what passes for community service these days.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this story. Keep up the great work. After working in Greenpoint the past 9 years, I can tell you it's one corrupt place. I can't stand what's going on there. I tried to make a difference and learned the hard way that politics rule that town.

Anonymous said...

Those aren't your tax dollars lamebrain. More importantly, why didn't you come to the meeting where humans interact and raise your issues? Scared much? Or just afraid to have your lure and distortions challenged? Don't worry blogosphere, this post will never see the light of day

Anonymous said...

So let me see...the city paid a fine to the state for the waste water treatment plant and the money wasn't from tax dollars? Where do you think the city gets its money from? Every time the city gets sued and pays a settlement, taxpayers are on the hook for it.

Anonymous said...

Organization is a joke and this post only further proves it.

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, I forgot that whenever the city gets sued, the mayor calls up the money fairy to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Attended the meeting at the DEC yesterday. The plans for the boathouse were not unveiled and no timeline for completion was given. It was a huge waste of time. The only reason it happened in the first place was because the fact that the boathouse was moved to an alley was revealed by a blogger.

j said...

those pictures look like a lame version of a mafia social club

except with pretentious wussies.


Anonymous said...

I kinda found the reference to "Masbeth" funny and sad. But then I realized that this mistake was generated in the mind of some hipster.

The author was probably a frustrated creative writer with Shakespearian Macbeth overtones dancing through their head.

"Alas, poor Plank road! I knew it well."

And anyone who has read Macbeth knows that fractured quote is also wrong. Right Horatio?

I can't wait for Lady Macbeth to unveil her evil intentions.

Anonymous said...

Lady MacBeth now being played by Kate Zidar, failed candidate for Democratic District Leader. Maybe she's the new commodore.

Anonymous said...

Is Zidar the one who asked at the original Newtown Creek money meetings if the funding could go toward "staff" (i.e. her salary)?

Anonymous said...

i do not know anyone more decent and who is more committed to the best interests of greenpoint than kate zidar. she has never done anything to merit this unfair criticism. we should be expressing appreciation for great community activists - not grasping for unfounded reasons to tear them down...

Anonymous said...

Kate Zidar was the one behind the post on Greenpointers. Someone that works for NCA informed me of this (and it wasn't who you think, Kate!). She also has been lobbing her own unfair criticism and trying to arm twist a woman connected to NCA named "Laura" who herself is a great community activist. You may notice that coincidentally, the name Laura keeps popping up in vitriolic comments on various websites that dare tackle the boathouse issue. Decent and committed to the interests of Greenpoint? In the manner of Donald Manes, perhaps.

Gio (AGONY) said...

Way do go!!! Great Comeback. Plus these fucking hipster don't work all day.