Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Taking matters into their own hands

From the Daily News:

Stop spying on us. Stop harassing us. Enough is enough.

That’s the message business owners along Dyckman St. in Inwood want to send to camera-wielding residents, who have been a ubiquitous presence along the bustling strip.

The citizen-snappers loiter in front of restaurants, taking photos and videos in an attempt to prove that the owners are turning their eateries into illegal after-hours cabarets.

"It's horrible," said Ingrid Rodriguez, 34, a waitress at Papasito Mexican Grill and Agave Bar. "They walk around taking pictures on the sneak tip. They're always spying on us all the time."

It’s one of the tactics that has taken root in recent years, as Dyckman St. has been transformed into a nightlife magnet from Broadway to the riverfront, where booming La Marina has become a notorious hip-hop hangout.

The buildup has fed a full-scale feud, putting the merchants on the defensive as residents insist the revelry and traffic is ruining their lives.

Residents, complaining that some eateries have skirted the rules by morphing into late-night dancehalls, have been making plenty of noise of their own.

“I want to see restaurants stay restaurants and don’t become nightclubs,” said Nancy Preston, who lives at Dyckman St. and Seaman Ave. “If you’re a nightclub, say you’re a nightclub.”

Frustrated by what they call a lack of enforcement, the residents have taken it upon themselves to document the activity.


Anonymous said...

Residents taking matters into their own hands? How dare they!

Heavens! Those mean residents are taking PICTURES!

Oh those poor helpless restaurant owners!

Anonymous said...

And what exactly is the point of taking these pictures?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the illegals complaining at the Mexican grill about how horrible it is aren't familiar with our 1 st ammendnent right that you can take pictures on a public street. But this being nyc no one can dare harass anyone of our vibrant ethic community breaking the law, and the photographers will be punished.

Joe Moretti said...

First off taking pictures is totally legal as opposed to some of the people hanging out at this place.

As usual lack of enforcement is always the issue with every quality of life issue in this so-called "greatest city in the world" but in Queens enforcement is even worse.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait till Paulie brings this to Whitestone/Bayside! The new Vallonia.

Anonymous said...

Those communities were just fine before the tavern rif raf started destroying their peace of mind.