Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Sandy aid on the way

From CBS New York:

Nearly a year after Superstorm Sandy made landfall, the city is getting another $1.34 billion in federal grant money for homeowners, businesses and climate change resiliency.

“The main focus the first year was on recovery — just recovering from the storm and letting the city function again. This second year is rebuilding — rebuilding our homes, rebuilding our small businesses, rebuilding our public works,” Sen. Charles Schumer said.

The funds make up the second allocation of Community Block Development Grants from the $60.2 federal aid package passed by Congress in January. Another $1.77 billion in aid, the first installment, was released the next month.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the federal assistance continues to to be critical to the city’s progress.

“We also recognize there’s far more work to do,” the mayor added.

Officials said the first allotment’s roll-out has been necessarily slow.

“We are not wasting the taxpayers’ money,” Bloomberg said. “We’ve tried to account for every single penny.”


Anonymous said...

This is the same mayor and same senator who allowed NYC Dept. of Sanitation to ticket homeowners for not having their blown over homes removed quickly enough. Lest we forget them!

Anonymous said...

Between fucking over his constituents and murdering innocent animals this guy (Little Hitler)is lucky he's not rotten tomatoed every time he appears in public!

Anonymous said...

Guaranteed a bunch of this money will be funneled into Manhattan because the boroughs do not count no matter how much devastation was visited upon them.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Chuckie Shumer's lips move? Then he was lying.

Anonymous said...

Hey Schumer, how's that bike lane Bloomy put in front of your home workin' out? Oh yeah, your wifey the former NYC Transportation commissioner organized to have it removed and the last time I heard she was at the forefront of a lawsuit to get it removed along with her hubby senator, the dean of Brooklyn College and that great innovative sanitation thinker Norman Steisel.

Bike lanes everywhere for everybody but not in front of the Schumer residence.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck -- You Suck. Time to retire. Term limits anyone?