Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bloomberg: lack of affordable housing is good

From the Daily News:

The city’s lack of affordable housing actually is a “good sign” of a vibrant economy, Mayor Bloomberg said Friday in remarks that touched off fresh criticism that he is out of touch.

In his weekly radio appearance on WOR-AM, Bloomberg said housing is scarce because “as fast as we build, more people want to live here.”

He added that market forces — developers building housing to meet the demand — would help to address that need.

“Somebody said that there’s not enough housing. That’s a good sign,” Bloomberg said.

If the development boom happened without any help from the government I'd say it was market forces at play. But when you have billions of dollars in tax revenue being foregone so that a few friends of the mayor can make more money, then that's not market forces - that's just plain ol' tweeding. Of course, no one in the press will point that out.


Anonymous said...

The statement must have been abbreviated for radio. What he probably meant was, "as fast as we redistribute New Yorkers' wealth to my favorite tweeders through the NYCEDC, more of the demographics I want to see want to live here."

Can't believe he uttered:
“When I march by in a parade, I get a lot of waves. Construction workers should be very happy. Developers should be very happy...”
Parades are really as close as he can stand to be in proximity of the unwashed masses?

Joe Moretti said...

This statement makes no sense, even when the economy was wonderful, there was still no affordable housing. This has been an issue for about two decades now.

Anonymous said...

College Communications courses teach that it is all about point of view. Bloomberg's POV is that he sees himself surrounded by wealthy people and the POV of the middle class New Yorkers is that there is no place to live.

Just part of his push to do away with the middle class, disrupt communities, and destroy zoned schools.

Anonymous said...

This is just a way for him to get rid of middle incomers! He has lost touch with reality and has no idea what a real new yorker wants or needs! He is just a rich asshole looking to control Wall Street...he doesnt care about New York or New Yorkers! He needs to climb back into his rich hole and never come out again!! Good bye and Good riddance Mayor Dickberg...12 years under his reign was more torture than anyone should ever have to bare!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment regarding government intervention disrupting market forces, but the same can be said regarding affordable housing. Rent stabilization also doesn't work, creating a glut of affordable housing at well below market value. And only government is forcing developers to add affordable housing units to their development plans.

Anonymous said...

Its hard to criticize this mayor after New Yorkers elected him three times. Even after he ignored their mandate for two term limits.

Anonymous said...

He must not know about all the empty and developer-abandoned highrises in the outer boroughs.

There are plenty of totally dark high-rises in Flushing, perhaps there are some in Greenpoint-Williamsburg and LIC as well?

This guy is so deluded - he's really typical of the uber-1%ers.

He's right up there with the Waltons saying that Wal-mart provides healthcare and benefits. A large # of their employees just barely survive on food stamps.

1789 was a good year! Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

Anonymous said...

Its hard to criticize this mayor after New Yorkers elected him three times. Even after he ignored their mandate for two term limits.

Yes but realize though, at $108 million, Bloomberg made history in his third reelection campaign by breaking a new record by spending more money spent per vote than any American election to date.

Anonymous said...

YOU elected him!

Mike Bloomberg said...

Lack of affordable housing is good!

War is peace!

Freedom is slavery!

Ignorance is strength!


Anonymous said...

why don't he live in the subway and see how he like it?

Jerry Rotondi said...

Goodbye, turtle ol' neck. We'll be rid of you soon.

All of your pompous pronouncements and nanny state attitudes will vanish with you.

The Lord be praised!

Not to worry folks--there will still be plenty of other corrupt or idiot politicians left to kick around in conversation at the dinner table.

Good grief-- but Mayor Mike will be remembered for his 3 term "comedy act".