Friday, October 18, 2013

Is she getting paid?

From NY1:

State Senator Adriano Espaillat of Upper Manhattan has been active in helping constituents who intervened to stop the assault.

"I'm appalled. I heard it. I thought it was disastrous," Espaillat said. "It was terrible that someone in government is helping these folks that we saw through a film, through a video beat up on this defenseless father."

According to Ferraras' office, Yvettelis Rodriguez is on what you might call modified duty. She is no longer coming to work, but she remains on staff until the Council can conduct its investigation and determine whether or not she can be let go.

From the Queens Chronicle:

Guilt by association is wrong, even as it relates to a husband and wife, so you can’t hang the threats made by Rodriguez’s alleged spouse on her. But we agree with Ferreras that her aide’s activities are inappropriate, at the very least, for someone whose job is to serve the public — and whose checks are paid for by that public — and we look forward to the results of the investigation.


georgetheatheist said...

Mira. She's not flippin' us da boid. Youse gots it all wrong. It's a culcha difference among da Hispanic communidad. It means that Boss Lady Julissa is A-#1. See? Queens is indeed da most davoise county in da yoonavoice!

I loins sumfin noo ebry day.

Anonymous said...

She's your albatross Julissa. What an office!

Joe Moretti said...

"But we agree with Ferreras that her aide’s activities are inappropriate, at the very least, for someone whose job is to serve the public."

And that is the whole point of this situation. It is not that she is a "biker chick", or her husband did the posting, etc.

What she did is inappropriate, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Bad Judgement before the fall! If not this one, the next one's not fat behind.

Anonymous said...

Rodriguez they dont have anything legally. This is why your job is still in place . There not stupid the world is watching your bosses . There in enough hot water . Firing you now is just going to cause protests lawsuits and angry groups of bikers to come to that office . The husband is at fault not you Rodriguez . Jackson heights loves you .

Anonymous said...

Some classy act. Wonder if she is the offical meeter and greeter of the office.

Anonymous said...

i have called ms ferraras's office in the past and spoke to ms rodriguez. my complaint to look in to has lied out on the vine for now 7 mos. i would assume she had more important business with her own constituency. ms ferraras has an issue she needs to resove soon, not everyone of her constituents is spanish and condones this different culture nonsense. you live and work here, you act civily. i work for th city of ny also and if i was involved in something like this, i would be let go in a heart beat. ms ferraras cannot have it both ways, complain about double standards and then participate in one in her own office that is pubicly funded. shame on you