Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lobbyists love DeBlasio

From the Daily News:

A who's who of top lobbyists served on the host committee of Bill de Blasio’s $1 million fund-raiser with Hillary Clinton, it was revealed Tuesday.

Their participation in Monday night’s bash drew fire from de Blasio’s Republican rival in the mayor’s race, Joe Lhota.

“The level of Bill de Blasio’s hypocrisy is alarming. He takes cash from developers and special interests while telling New Yorkers he supports something different,” Lhota spokeswoman Jessica Proud said.

De Blasio spokesman Dan Levitan declined comment.

The host committee included James Capalino, who has lobbied for Rudin Management, developers of high-end condos near the old St. Vincent’s Hospital, and lobbyist Suri Kasirer, who met with de Blasio on Brooklyn’s contentious Atlantic Yards project.

Others on the host committee included Stan Natapoff and Alexandra Stanton of Empire Global Ventures, Rachel Amar of Waste Management of New York, and Michael Woloz of Connelly McLaughlin & Woloz.


Anonymous said...

NO Second Term! NO Second Term! NO Second Term!

Anonymous said...

Lobbyists = Professional bribers

Politics = Citizen approved crime

Jerry Rotondi said...

So who do we vote for?
Either way, Dem or GOP, we're f----d!

Time to grow up Jerry--NYC is a real estate town!
It always has been controlled by that industry.

Maybe John Liu would have been a relief--or a good comedy act.

I think I'll pass on the mayoral line.

Joe from NoFlu (north flushing) said...

Not a good position we're in. Did you see Deblasio's recent tv ad featuring his daughter. I always thought pimping out your kids for your own good was morally disgraceful, and this guy has done it for his own campaign. Unfortunently lhota just doesn't have it. He may have the smarts; I don't doubt that at all, but he doesn't have the stature, presence. That's what it comes down to.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Bill's name Wilhelm, before he changed his name? Why give up a strong Teutonic appear more warm and fuzzy?

is there something that Wilhelm wishes to hide in his past, maybe?

I'm not voting for another reich's chancellor. I've had enough with der little fuhrer Bloomberg.

At least the Republican candidate was a good deputy mayor.

Anonymous said...

Hey fellas,
DeBlasio and Lhotta are NOT the only ones on the ballot! there are other candidates also on the November ballot, but NY Times, Daily News, and Post don't cover their campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Lhota - you gotta get vocal on this! Wolf in sheep's clothing - keep saying it!

Anonymous said...

Three Republicans to vote for:

BP - Joe Arcabscio
19 Congressman - Dennis Saffran
Mayor - Joe Lhota

What's going on? The Dems really suck this election!

de Blasio definitely comes across as a slimeball!

Anonymous said...

That must be why Paul Vallone is claiming to be pals with DiBlasio.

Anonymous said...

This illegal lover DOES NOT get my vote!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, y'all will be missing the likes of Bloomberg and Vallone Jr. soon enough. You thought they were bad, but wait til ya see what comes next ...

And then there'll be the day you realize Katz is the adult in the room!

Anonymous said...

why would nyc voters elect a marxist/progressive WEALTH REDISTRIBUTIONIST this year, while five European nations, NORWAY,U.K.,AUSTRALIA ,GERMANY AND UKRAINE HAVE DUMPED THEIR PREVIOUS LEFT WING GOVERNMENTS?