Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Democratic political consultant busted

From The Politicker:

Melvin Lowe, a political consultant who worked with the State Senate Democrats, was arrested this morning on federal corruption charges.

Mr. Lowe is facing a nine-count criminal complaint in federal court alleging his participation in five separate illegal schemes, according to a statement sent out by the U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara earlier this afternoon. In total, the complaint alleges Mr. Lowe filed a litany of false paperwork and failed to report more than $2 million in come in order to enrich himself.

Notably, Mr. Lowe was among nine individuals–mostly sitting state senators–that now-former State Senator Shirley Huntley recorded on wire while she was cooperating with authorities. Ms. Huntley is currently serving a year in prison for her own corruption scheme; the pols she wiretapped have professed their innocence.


Jerry Rotondi said...


What's this--2 million bucks in his pocket--a rich Democrat--wealthy Democrats?
What's the world coming to when the "Ds" are no longer poor as a church mouse?

The Dems are fast becoming more like their Republican adversaries whom they claim to hate for their wealth. Jealous bastards--that's what these kind of Dems really are. The Queens machine sure ain't hurting for money. Look at those Vallones, for example--a lawyering family of well healed developers' lobbyists. $$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!

A SERIOUS 3rd political party is needed--PRONTO!

Puhleeze--not the impotent Greens.

GROAN--though I must confess that I was once a Green. NEVER AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Can the feds be closing in on Evan Stavisky and his Parkside crew, or is that too much to hope for?

Anonymous said...

Follow the John Liu money trail and there will be more arrests.His campaign assosiates, Jenny and Oliver, are just the tip of the Asian iceberg. They were thrown under the bus to divert attention away from their boss john Liu.

That laundered Taiwanese cash is easy to sniff out by our vigilant, skillful, FBI Sherlocks. Keep on the trail.

Anonymous said...

And what New York State Senators is the upstanding Mr. Lowe going to rollover on? Has anyone yet introduced legislation to strip any of the future convicts of their public pensions, like was promised? Avella! Avella! Tony Avella! Are you present Tony? Hello!

Anonymous said...

To Jerry -

Its all about scale. Ever notice that Dem pols are always the ones that get busted for things like having city workers do rennovations on their houses, and GOPers do things like get no bid contracts in Iraq and Afganistan worth billions. Thats why I support the GOP...if youre going to be a crook at least do it righ....

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Jerry but I just have to correct a fallacy about democrats. Since when are they viewed as being the hard up underclass. FDR, JFK, LBJ all multimillionaires. The Cuomos, John Kerry Heinz and on and on. C'mon!