Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mistaken tax breaks

From the Daily News:

These tax snafus were truly close to home.

Bumbling city Finance Department watchdogs have for years been erroneously giving more than $2,000 in tax breaks to the owners of an office building and three parking lots — including one rented by the department itself.

The state School Tax Relief Program is supposed to give only homeowners up to a $300 tax rebate on their primary residence each year.

But the Finance Department messed up and has been giving the sweeteners to owners of three parking lots in Queens and Brooklyn, and an office building on the East Side of Manhattan, records show.

Incredibly, one of the Queens parking lots — at 144-02 95th Ave. in Jamaica — is being used by the borough’s team of tax assessors.

“This is going on right under our noses,” one assessor fumed.


Anonymous said...

That's a damn shame! The govt makes too many errors!

Anonymous said...

Just an oversight I'm sure! And who got fired? I didn't catch the name.

Alex ken said...

The IRS treats one-member LLCs as sole proprietorships for tax purposes.

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