Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gas pipeline hearing tonight

From Metro:

The first of two Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Public Hearings over a proposed Rockaway gas pipeline will be taking place at the Knights of Columbus Rockaway Council 267 at 333 Beach 90th Street starting at 7 p.m.

The pipeline, to be built by Williams Transco and National Grid, is being hit with much of the same criticism as the Spectra Pipeline planned for lower Manhattan.

Both pipelines would bring shale gas — produced by fracking — to the city. Opponents are complaining that the review period has not been long enough and that environmental and safety concerns are not being adequately considered.

This pipeline would be embedded in the ocean floor, run under the sandy bank of Riis Park Beach, cross below the Rockaway Inlet and continue up Flatbush avenue to a Metering and Regulation facility. The facility would be built in two of the old abandoned airplane hangars at Floyd Bennet Field.


Anonymous said...

Months ago you could see construction ongoing for this project near Riis, adorned with signs forbidding photographs. ("USE OF CAMERAS PROHIBITED | STRICTLY ENFORCED MTA Bridges and Tunnels") Also the sidewalk along the west side of Flatbush from the Belt to the bridge has been overtaken by the pipe that is to be laid for this project. Why weren't these hearings held before construction began?

Anonymous said...

That sign's been on the bridge for years. It has nothing to do with the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

This is very disconcerting. heard some people saying that fracking is already going on in the ocean. did that cause the storm surge last October?

what if there's another huge hurricane? will this tear up the gas line and cause explosions?

Anonymous said...

You should be against this pipeline for one reason.
They have no regard for human life.

Anonymous said...

The sign isn't on the bridge. It's just an MTA bridge and tunnels sign where they are doing pipeline construction over here https://local.google.com/maps?q=40.566792,-73.881981&num=1&t=h&z=19

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Hi Queens Crap, unfortunately the metro article has a lot wrong. As the Rockaway project is not Spectra and it is not true that much of the criticisms are the same. The Rockaway Project has faced entirely different criticisms as it is a much different project. The construction that is ongoing is part of the non-jurisdictional national grid project that is related to the Rockaway lateral. For further information folks can go to FERC's elibrary, docket number CP13-36 to look up what is happening now. The last place they should go is CARP.org or Sane Energy Project as they will just end up being confused.