Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Banksy not the most important thing happening right now

"I'm a fan of Banksy's. I like his work and a lot of what he has to say but this kind of puts the whole Banksy hoopla in perspective.

I was taking this video this afternoon when a gentleman suddenly addressed the crowd in front of the new piece in Woodside and reminded them that while they're out hunting down the latest Banksy, there's a helpless boy out there somewhere waiting to be found." - George


Anonymous said...

Thank you Queens Crap.

Urban Infidel said...

Banksy is putting up his crap in Queens now? Woodside? Really?

So sorry for Queens. I had held out hope that the hipster jerks would not invade my former borough.

Urban Infidel said...

And most importantly, please, God. Let that child be found!