Monday, October 28, 2013

One expensive piece of real estate

From the Daily News:

For $30 million, this Mill Basin mansion comes with everything and the kitchen sink. Four of them, actually, plus a dock for a dozen boats.
The most expensive Brooklyn home ever — asking twice as much as anything else on the market — it sprawls some 23,000 feet between a main house and guest house with 257 feet of Jamaica Bay frontage.

The 10-bedroom, 15-bath property is the 17-year passion project of Galina Anissimova, ex-wife of Russia’s 38th richest man, a shadowy minerals baron.

Her broker, James Cornell of The Corcoran Group, said she probably spent more than $30 million transforming the place .

“It’s perfect,” Cornell said. “It’s the highest quality everything I’ve ever seen in 24 years in the business.”

Perfection includes garage space for seven cars, a circular meditation room inscribed with signs of the Zodiac and a 1,000-square-foot outdoor pool — larger than many Brooklyn apartments — beside which sits a gigantic gazebo with room for 50 guests.


Anonymous said...

Before I even got to the 2nd paragraph I knew it was a Russian.

Anonymous said...

Only a Russkie would build like this. They even manage to outdo their Bukharian cousins.

Anonymous said...

This beats the piss pool entrance at the Queens Botanical Garden, and that angled rocket launch pad building they call an auditorium.

Susan Lacerte sure left her skid marks on the QBG.

Unknown said...

Woah! That is one very expensive house. You could already erect a business building with that amount. It will be so incredible to look at though. I wonder what's inside the house.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! And only a 7 car garage for just $30 mil. Musta been union labor or the good fellas haven't yet left Brooklyn altogether.

Anonymous said...

LOL! How did I know it was Russian crimminal money, before I even read any further?!! Well, they are bringing life back to the area, right? All my relatives left in the 70s and 80s because Brooklyn had become a dangerous shithole. Can't say that anymore, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I bet it smells like cabbage in there.

Anonymous said...

Russkie mobskie!

Anonymous said...

This ain't the borscht belt!