Monday, October 14, 2013

Queens people behaving badly

From the NY Post:

Cops responding to a domestic dispute in Queens Sunday found a squalid apartment filled with endangered children, abused pit bulls, dangerous snakes and a lizard.

Cops took Jasean Holmes from the run-down Richmond Hill flat, and arrested them both after seeing evidence of animal cruelty and danger to the five children.

Sources said cops have been called to the house dozens of times on domestic disputes, but never arrested the father because his wife would not press charges.

But this time, sources said, Holmes, 29, tangled with his wife after an EMS unit responded, and crew members witnessed the attack.

The EMS crew had actually arrived on the scene first around 8 a.m. in response to a call that someone had been bitten by a dog.

There, they saw the couple squabbling outside their home, and called police when the man started beating his wife and kicking one of the dogs.

Cops who arrived found four children, ages 7 through 11, in their apartment, along with five adult pit bulls, 10 pit bull puppies, two boa constrictor snakes and a lizard.

Holmes was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, torturing or injuring animals, acting in a manner injurious to a child, and assault for allegedly hitting his wife.

It was unclear if the woman would face any charges.

From the NY Post:

A tipsy squabble outside a strip club erupted into a bizarre catfight — complete with the stabbing of a helpful bystander — in Queens early Saturday, cops said.

A jealous threesome of women — Teira Fisher, 29, Tamara Fuller, 26, and Jazmine Smith — allegedly followed two other ladies from a nightclub to Riviera Gentleman’s Club in Astoria because they were mad the gals had gotten into the VIP section even though they were rejected.

The nightlife bullies then started hollering high-school-style insults such as “Snob!” and “You’re stuck up!” before punching the poor ladies in the face at around 3:15 a.m., according to police.

A bystander tried to break up the catty smackdown, but a boyfriend of one of the attackers then stabbed the good Samaritan in the thigh and cheek with a sharp object, police sources said.

The three women and the boyfriend, Robert Annunziatta, were charged with harassment and assault, police sources said.


Anonymous said...

Behaving Badly? That's a serious understatement!!!

Those poor animals. Children can run away but animals are trapped, beaten and starved by low-class, filthy scumbags like this gang.

Animal abusers should be subjected to exactly the same punishments they've dealt out, not just some bullshit fine and minimal prison sentence!

No sympathy for animal abusers!!!! We should castrate these assholes as well.

Animal abusers = unfit parents!!!

Anonymous said...

Queens is getting really really bad these days!! That's all because of the crap we have to deal with who want to live in nyc and in queens!! What pieces of shit these people are!! How do you fit three pit bulls and 2 boa constrictors in an apt with 4 children at that?! Crazy people these days....and they say crime is going down in nyc, but I don't believe it!!

Joe Moretti said...

I would say, "There goes the neighborhood", but that is par for the course.

Deke DaSilva said...

A bystander (Beta Male/White Knight Wannabee) tried to break up the catty smackdown, but a boyfriend of one of the attackers then stabbed the good Samaritan in the thigh and cheek with a sharp object

Don't ever try to be a "White Knight" in disputes involving chicks and their boyfriends.

Call the police and let them handle it, even if it means some jerk beats the crap out of a woman. It's not worth getting stabbed for.

A Better NYC said...

Any idea where in Richmond Hill this all happened?