Thursday, October 31, 2013

5 Pointz TRO extended

Photo by Miss Heather
From the Huffington Post:

In a welcomed decision by Federal District Judge Frederic Block, 5Pointz artists were handed another win on October 28, when he made a ruling that extended the existing temporary restraining order (TRO) he issued, as reported here at The Huffington Post. Judge Block scheduled the hearing on November 6, 2013, at which time he will also address the artists' allegations that the property owner, Jerry Wolkoff, violated the existing TRO over this past weekend.

With the good fortune of getting the extension, the artists involved in this case are calling out to the famous English artist Banksy to join their cause to stop the demolition of 5Pointz which is known as the graffiti Mecca of the world. In the Guardian, Jonathan Cohen (also known as Meres1) spoke out and believes Banksy should offer support to 5 Pointz. He said "We're not asking you to give us money, but your words could help," Meres said. "Why don't you put a comment out?" Banksy who is also known as a political activist has created his art on the walls of the buildings of New York City every day for a month and has achieved great notoriety through his commentary. If he used his art to try to save 5Pointz he would be a hero to many.

The use of art as a political weapon is not new. Through history, the role of the artist as a social commentator has been invaluable and engrained in our culture. Art and its creation as a response to social and political issues can become powerfully influential in raising public awareness that results in positive change.

It is hoped that Bansky reaches out in time to support us and help our cause to preserve 5Pointz.


Ned said...

Un friggan real how some squatter & vandals can end up basically owning your property.
Rattle can ghetto graffiti is art ?

All these ex-hippie activist judges need to be removed because they are developing brain atrophy.
No doubt from all the junk they did in the 60's.
Is this the same asshole judge Block that went after all the local Sicilian businessmen yet allowed all the black and Latino gangs take over ?

Chester the Dog said...

People paint graffiti on my building and now have a right to it? Give me a break. The place is an eyesore.

Anonymous said...

Wolkoff embraced them let him live with them! A good deal all around.

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, Chester!

Sorry, little doggie...but property owner Wolkoff gave these artists permission to create art on his walls. The federal VARA act protects artists who have not signed away their US CONSTITUTIONAL rights to control the use of their art.

Wolkoff rarely issues leases or agreements in writing. Therefore he was bitten on the ass by his own dog...GREED!

Let's backtrack a few years.The illegal artists studios he had carved up some some floors keep his rent roll rolling...he HAD NOT given leases to the artist renters. But he certainly collected money from them for those shoddy wallboard cubicles.

These studios violated FDNY safety codes and the DOB padlocked the premises.

Now bark for your biscuit, Chester. We've got plenty in the box for developer troll dogs like yourself.

You wouldn't know your ass from an onion regarding what is and what is not art.

?????? said...

Chester, you might be happier living in mainland China where the government takes good care of its own .

Isn't that what tea party yahoos like yourself really want for the USA....strict control and a return to the 1950s?

Anonymous said...

Ned and Chester...LOL!

C'mon...Wolkoff only bought himself 2 trolls?
What a cheap SOB that slumlord is.

Anonymous said...

That ex-hippie, activist judge put the Gotti family away.
Are you a mafia brat or a Gotti relative?

Anonymous said...

I believe Banksy has already responded on his website...that 5 Pointz must be saved.


Astoria Avenger said...

Squatters, old sport?

They were given permission to paint.
When YOU squat what do we get besides a big stink?

These 5 Pointz ARTISTS put LIC on map!