Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ratner a big DeBlasio donor

From the Daily News:

Housing emerged as an issue in the mayoral race Monday when Bill de Blasio came under withering attack for the lack of affordable units in the Atlantic Yards development rising in his Brooklyn backyard.

De Blasio, who has focused his campaign on income inequality, has been uncharacterically quiet on the failure of developer Bruce Ratner to build 2,250 units of affordable housing promised as part of the project, mayoral rival Joe Lhota charged.

“He was silent because he was bought,” said Lhota, standing across the street from the gleaming Barclay’s Center, the anchor of the $5 billion development.

“The people who built the Barclay’s Center and promised to build all of the affordable housing have given contributions to him over and over again.”

As a City Council member from Brooklyn and then as the city’s Public Advocate, de Blasio bucked neighborhood opposition and supported the controversial project.

Ratner has received tax breaks and loans worth more than $760 million to build the project, which is supposed to include the 2,250 units of affordable housing. But nearly eight years after the project was approved, the first 181 affordable housing units won’t break ground until next year. And there is no concrete timetable for the other units.

Ratner and his associates at Forest City Ratner Companies have raised more than $73,000 for de Blasio’s campaign, records show.

Meet the soon-to-be boss, same as the old boss. The rest of the real estate community is also throwing huge wads of cash at BDB.


Anonymous said...

Affordable housing is only a fictitious model used to appropriate our federal tax dollars to fill the pockets of Bruce Ratner and Bill DiBlasio-Wilhelm. Smoke and mirrors by a couple of seasoned crooks!

Anonymous said...

What a sleazeball - just like phoney-Vallone?


Dems for Lhota, Arcabascio, and Saffran

Anonymous said...

No the Vallones are in a class by themselves.

But yes, the difference between this guy and Bloomberg is ... well ... he talks at good line...

Anonymous said...

So-ohhhhh...Di Blasio already took a bribe!
Great start, Wilhelm!

Now, you voters can finish cooking the fish stew by electing him mayor!

Anonymous said...

No Second Term! No Second Term! C'mon guys, chime in...No Second Term! No Second Term!