Sunday, October 13, 2013

Raccoons in the attic

From the Daily News:

THE RACCOONS tormenting a Queens family are still living in their attic — despite one of the brood having fallen through the bedroom ceiling.

Patricia Gilbert, 48, said the seven unwelcome critters were in their nesting place at her Springfield Gardens house Saturday — one day after a raccoon terrified her family and got pepper-sprayed by a cop.

“They didn’t go anywhere,” said Gilbert.

The raccoons rummage for scraps during the night, and typically come home around 5 a.m.

“When they come in to go to bed that's when they make the noise,” said Gilbert.

The landlord of her home still hadn’t repaired the hole in the ceiling, Gilbert added.


Anonymous said...

In the "old" days when most households had a firearm, you'd take a small caliber pistol and get int he attic and solve the problem.
These people will have to live with this for weeks. It's what happens when you rely on government to solve your problems.

Anonymous said...

What's up there that is so attractive to raccoons? What's wrong with them nailing a piece of plywood to cover up the hole meanwhile? Why wait around for some lazy incompetent to solve your problem for you?

Anonymous said...

why not trap them, then transport them to said SLUMLORD"S house. release in his yard. throw down some dry cat food first. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

That's disgusting! Pepper-spraying a poor, defenseless animal!

There are humane ways of dealing with them by using cruelty-free traps and relocation.

I'd like to pepper-spray the dumb-ass cop that abused that animal!

Anonymous said...

That's disgusting! Pepper-spraying a poor, defenseless animal!

Apparently you don't have raccoon troubles in your neighborhood eh? The city doesn't give a care and you can call animal control, 311 and anyone you want and NOTHING is getting done about these brazen animals living in our neighborhoods and nesting in our homes. We had an issue in our neighborhood and if you think anyone came out with "cruelty free traps" to capture and re-locate them you are mistaken. The red tape that it takes for them to come out and do anything is absurd! Raccoons have acclimated to living amongst us and are so bold as to attack small dogs as you walk them at night. They feed on anything in your trash cans and have teeth and claws that you are best to stay far away from if they are startled. They carry disease and I whole-heartedly agree with the comment about the "Good ole days when homeowners had pistols" and could take care of rodent problems on their own because the city did NOTHING to control the raccoon issue in my neighborhood. Both my pets and I have been approached at night by bold raccoons thinking they could snack on my tiniest dog. I was able to grab my dog in my arms and the raccoon tried to attack me for my dog. I was lucky that time as I managed to scream and alert the attention of neighbors who came out and scared it off. In another incident, my larger dog (85lbs) was cornered in my yard by a family of raccoons and I was able to grab the hose and squirt them to get them away from him. Furthermore, the city did NOTHING to stop the raccoons from mauling my neighbors dog when she let it out to do its business in her own fenced in yard. Too bad there was neither mace or a gun around when this poor elderly woman had to stand by helplessly as her only companion was torn apart by these creatures. A senior citizen on a fixed income who didn't have the finances to treat her beloved pet so it could live and had to opt to put it down because the city did NOTHING to take care of the issue even when raccoons were reported to be roaming about during daylight hours (and were obviously disease-ridden). I am an animal lover but when an animal poses a threat it needs to be dealt with. So where is the legislation to "humanely" take care of raccoons in Queens? I believe the cops actions were justifiable, especially if the raccoon fell through the ceiling and is now roaming in the persons home. You've got to use your brain in these scenarios. The cops didn't kill it, they only pepper-sprayed it. I would bet any sum that the thing went on the attack and the cops were left with little recourse. The law protects the raccoons which is why it makes the matter complicated. Until the city takes the problem seriously nothing will be done about it unless something terrible happens to a human. One can only hope that it doesn't have to come down to that.

Joe said...

No problem use a
"Have a heart" trap & cat food. You can also rent a smoke machine from any theatrical supply. Fog them out then COVER UP THE HOLE.

Don't people know how to do anything for themselves anymore?

Joe said...

Rabid racoons ?
They are "crazy" and can become ferocious at the slightest trigger. Can tear apart a child or woman like a werewolve.
Many people solve that danger with $80 trip to Walmart (sporting goods section).

You then do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Rabid raccoons? Are you crazy? These are beautiful animals. Just trap them and relocate them and fix the fucking hole in your ceiling!

You may not like them but using pepper spray on an animal is cruelty!!!! They don't have choices, but the tenants and and landlord do - these poor animals are just trying to survive.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem ! I poured and sprayed ammonia in the crawl space of my attack waited an saw 5 shimmy down the side of my house went up put a temporary seal diamond mesh they hate that until I could replace my entire roof.