Saturday, October 12, 2013

Liu furious at friends' prison sentences

From the Politicker:

City Comptroller John Liu is fuming after his former campaign treasurer and a fund-raiser were sentenced to prison terms by a judge earlier today.

“For reasons I may never fully understand, the U.S. Attorney’s Office set out to destroy me with what has been described as an extraordinarily intrusive and exhaustive investigation,” Mr. Liu said in a statement, which continued to defend Ms. Hou.

“Failing to find that I had done anything wrong, they proceeded to set up a weak man and a wonderful young woman. Jenny Hou does not deserve this ordeal and injustice she has been put through,” he contended. “I am very sad but even more angry at what has occurred. The U.S. Attorney’s Office was wrong and should not be proud of its conduct.”

According to a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s office, Mr. Pan was sentenced to four months in prison while Ms. Hou was sentenced to 10 months. Both were assigned an additional three years of supervised release.


Anonymous said...

Hey John,

You knew all along what your staff was doing, I'm sure.

There is not a human on earth that believes that dozens and dozens of minimum wage earners all donated $800.00 to your campaign in 2011.

Yet as I recall you said that this happened.

It never passed the smell test and the FBI made arrests, the Justice Dept made a case and the jury made convictions, now a judge has made a sentence.

Be grateful your staff didn't get the 20 years they should have.

Funny your convict dad got off cheap too and you still cry about that.

Pay your sanitation fines then go away forever.

You're a real creep, go creep out some other planet.

Evan Staviski said...

rightttttttt, the twenty-something-year-old was the mastermind behind this elaborate scheme to raise money for John Liu. And she certainly won't have a problem finding a job as a convicted felon because no one promised her one and she certainly didn't receive a fat envelope filled with hush money.

Anonymous said...

No felonies? What a pity!

He's probably furious because he's so used to getting away with his corrupt,thieving bullshit!

Anonymous said...

the truth hurts doesn't it

Anonymous said...

Why isn't John in the slammer too?

Anonymous said...

White collared criminals!! Liu is probably just mad he lost the mayor election badly!!

Anonymous said...

They thought they could beat the system and they did! Ten months, whew, that's nothing. Look at poor old Hevesi. Just more whining by our felon elected and friends.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Liu is jealous. After all, he likes to be the center of attention.

Anonymous said...

He chinese
he a prick
he mad friends
are in the clink

Ron S said...

Liu should be joining them, as he is as responsilbe for their actions as they are. The sanitation fine issue marked him as a low-life, and it was confirmed by the fake sweatshop claims.
His "I'm a poor picked-on immigrsnt" posturing is pathetic. He needs to pay his fines and get an honest job not paid for by us.

Anonymous said...

He's angry because he will lose his city paycheck as Comptroller. Now Lui will have to depend totally upon his Chinese/Asian scams.

I don't feel sorry for him. Those two people were paid to go to prison for him. That's were he should be. Lui has no regard for the law and we all know it. That's why he did not make the cut for the Mayor election.

Thank God. A Chinese Mayor of NYC would mean that heroin wouldn't just be coming through the multiple Chinatowns it would be coming through City Hall.

Unknown said...

I love Liu's attitude here. Sorry buddy, when you claimed that your campaign finance irregularities were your staffers faults in 2009, it was (sort of) believable. But when it happens two election cycles in a row its no longer the staffers fault, now its yours.

Anonymous said...

A product of Queens CB7! We need more Community Boards to tutor the likes of John Liu, who sold out that young lady and now pretends to be concerned for her. This guy is criminality personified!

Anonymous said...

don't worry about her. she's being paid to be in that jail.

Anonymous said...

Screw CB 7 - that's what they do to us!

Can't we just eliminate these corrupt community boards and go with our state senators?

Anonymous said...

Does she face deportation back to China?

Anonymous said...

Those Communist Board members are appointed for life and are not elected. They suck down our tax money are all on the take from developers and give nothing back to the people. Abolish them now!

Anonymous said...

John, you should be there right along side them, you fucking crook.

Anonymous said...

Pack it in Johnny. You're history! You claimed your criminal father was unjustly convicted too. Joseph Liu was convicted on federal bank fraud charges (Great Eastern Bank).

What can you expect of Tommy Huang's relatives?

Anonymous said...

Well, Tommy and Alice were prosecuted by the AG recently. It cost them $5 million (a drop in the bucket for the Heiress). Of course, no jail time.

There's hope. Keep the pressure on these culprits.

These morons will keep going until they finally get some "jail" time. They truly are "above the law".

They have no shame.

Anonymous said...

Is Joh Liu the brother of the Treasury Secrutory?