Sunday, October 13, 2013

Queens Plaza crap leaves neighbor aghast!

Hi there.

Just spotted this in my neighborhood in LIC. Scaffolding is coming down to reveal what is without question the most hideous thing LIC, and probably Queens, has seen this year. It's at the corner of 27th Street and 42nd Rd, right across the street from the new luxury rental high rise that just went up, 27 on 27th.

My guess? A local, single-family home Queens developer realized he had a whole bunch of random vinyl siding sitting around from the 70s, and enough windows to cover part of a building, and said to himself, "F*!*$ it. I'm gonna build me an 8 story building!" And yes, this is the front of the building, and yes that is 8 whole stories covered in three different shades of green vinyl siding: olive, vomit and mint. Apparently he had more vinyl siding than windows. Isn't there some sort of architectural review board that developers have to get approval from? This place is a blight on our neighborhood.



I like the juxtaposition of the red bricks at ground level. Let's hope they leave it that way. - QC


Anonymous said...

It's sort of interesting.

At least it's not a Flooshing orange brick and rusted balcony Fedders ghetto high-rise with the meters out front.

Too bad it's vinyl and not a recycled composite material.

What is it with Queens developers and their architects? Why are they such cheap, untalented hacks?

Even the tourists are starting to notice how crappy NYC looks these days.

Anonymous said...

This same developer has built the most ugly building in Flushing (if not the entire Queens) at 42-11 Parsons Boulevard. It is a six story apartment building imported from 3rd world country with all the units facing a 4-foot side yard.

Anonymous said...

Another successful Dutch Kills Civic development brought to you by Stone Wall Van Bramer's fellow-Queens Library home-boy Mr Upzone! Upzone! Millstones are just Rocks George Stamatiades, that CB1 honcho whose board is responsible for Hallets Cove and that Medical Clinic.

You would think that his luxurious duplex that costs $100,000s that he pushed for his business association to purchase would have given him some sense of design ... but why bother?

Stonewall Van Bramer and assorted other politicians just LOVE George and everything he represents.

They give him unlimited support and funding that certainly justifies his civic to pave the way for shit like this.

I LIKE seeing my taxes at work for this guy's ideas, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Those appear to be modified shipping containers

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the side showing in the photo is the elevator/stairwell core of the tower. Is the other side (front) of the building as unattractive?

Anonymous said...

I like the juxtaposition of the God made blue sky against the man made hi-rise!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous poster on Sunday: that IS the front pft he building! It's a facade with almost no windows at all. A friggin' travesty.