Sunday, May 15, 2011

Young people plan to bolt from the state

Editorial from the Daily News:

Here are facts that should be tattooed on the forehead of every elected official in Albany: One out of four adult New Yorkers - including one out of three below the age of 30 - plans to flee the state in the next five years.

So found a NY1/YNN-Marist poll, which also asked why people are itching to leave - and discovered, of course, that it's the economy, stupid.

The most cited factors for flight were New York's notorious cost of living, its highest-in-the-nation tax burden and its chronic shortage of jobs. All of which are the work of state leaders.

Keep in mind that this dismal survey was taken well after the approval of Gov. Cuomo's heralded first budget, which cut spending, avoided tax hikes and got done on time. On the basis of that one accomplishment, some legislators seem to think they've done enough reforming for the year. New Yorkers obviously disagree - and rightly so.

Cuomo's spending plan succeeded mainly in stopping the bleeding. What he and the Legislature must now tackle is the harder work of lowering the cost of living, easing the tax burden and spurring job creation.

Capping property taxes - one of the key proposals that Cuomo is currently barnstorming for - is an obvious and much-needed step in the right direction.

So, too, is getting a handle on the skyrocketing cost of government retirement benefits - by enrolling new hires in a 401(k)-style pension system and sharing health costs.

Other musts include shedding excess bureaucracy, deep-sixing frivolous or ineffective programs, controlling Medicaid outlays and rolling back costly and unnecessary mandates.

Then, maybe, people will want to live and work in New York again. Otherwise, they'll vote with their moving vans.


Anonymous said...

I know i'll be one of those people heading south soon. New York just isn't worth the price anymore.

Anonymous said...

I made the jump a few months ago leaving my hometown of Flushing. What a shit hole.

Anonymous said...

Buh bye!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,
take away convicted criminal Alan Hevesi's pension and you could open up a new school or keep one from closing!

Yeah, right...Cuomo the great "reformer"!

Anonymous said...

And what do these exiting young people expect to get for jobs in the Carolinas...cutting bait on fishing charter boats?

As the song says:
"When you leave New York, you're going nowhere".

New York, New York....
for better or for worse, that's my personal motto.

I'll stick it out until things improve...which they always have throughout its long history.

Emir said...

I guess New York wasnt what they hoped for, the way its shown in Sex and the City.

Anonymous said...

Where are they going to, Mississippi?

True Grit said...

So, the newbie hipsters flee
at the first sound of gunfire.

Bloody cowards!

New York needs backbone, not jellyfish!

Good riddance!


Anonymous said...

They couldn't make the grade.

So they're going home to mommy where they can suckle off her bank account!

Anonymous said...

If you can make it here you can make it ANYWHERE.


Anonymous said...

Thinning out the herd is not a bad thing....

Anonymous said...

Its because of all the white trash here. Going back to

FlooshingRezident said...

I can't believe that anyone is still defending NYC? It's such a dump! We live with, and apparently accept, substandard parks, schools, libraries, transportation, supermarkets - you name it!

Why assume that the people leaving are hipsters going home to their parents?

Some of you need to get out your borough and check out the wider world. Many large cities in this country are gorgeous and much more livable than NYC.

Why is it cowardice to not want to spend thousands a month on a studio in Manhattan or Brooklyn, or live in Queens, where no one speaks English anymore?

If you still think NYC is the center of the universe you need to get out of your little, provincial corner and see some more of the country.

There's still an interesting, educated, mannered society in America - but it sure isn't in Queens!

And yes - before you start haranguing at me to leave - let me tell you that I intend to as soon as my remaining elderly parent has relocated to Calvary!

-Joe said...

As much as NYC now sux most born NYers and I could never live in the South. Its almost impossible to adapt.
I did notice lots of ex Queens NYers Jupiter and Palm Beach Fla but if your looking for Sunday morning bagles & bialy forgedaboutit

The worst 2 place I been to in the country is perhaps Pittsburgh PA, cheap yes but what an run down industrial slum. Tulsa comes in 2nd, it becomes a ghost town after 6 PM. Everything aside 2 strip joints is closed, you cant even have a glass of wine in an Italian restaurant..alcohol is banned past 7PM. Nothing to do

Big Hairy Balls said...

I moved to Kent Island, Maryland after my retirement from the NYC public schools. I come to NY twice a year these days and I love it so much more as a tourist. I still teach in a Catholic school, part time because math is still my passion. I am a member of a great Southern Baptist church and my neighbors are all pretty nice. If I need action I'm an hour from Baltimore. Trust me you young kids out there you could do much better than NYC. My deceased wife was from Jackson Heights and she hated it there. Long live Queens Crapper. Long live Israel! Death to the treasonous Palestinians!

Anonymous said...

Any one in the working class with a brain is getting out of NYC. The ones flocking here are the rich. I guess they heard that the idiots in NY will never support a millionaires tax that would take some of the burden off of working class and poor new yorkers and put it where it should be, on the fat cat rich and trustafarians.

Anonymous said...

If New York City is so bad why is it so full of people ? Because we all can make a living here. Some work hard and others live off the government.If you don't like it here move. NYC is always changing, this time faster than previous times.

Anonymous said...

Attitudes like yours are why we will have an aristocratic class and a welfare class and no one in between.

Anonymous said...

Do you still live here Flooshing Rezident?

If so, why....
if you despise New York City so much?

FlooshingRezident said...

I guess my earlier post wasn't clear enough - I'm here until my remaining elderly parent dies. I left Flooshing 30 years ago for the city and other places. BTW - Calvary is a cemetery - a really big one!

There's nothing wrong with discontent - it can promote change. Oh - I complain but I also do a lot of volunteer work and routinely pick up garbage at parks (and it's not community service :)

Anonymous said...

They should get out. It's way too expensive to live here anymore, and it's just not worth paying for. Who wants to raise a family in a dump?

Anonymous said...

Remember the throngs that left "filthy" NYC for the sun belt (Florida, etc.) in the 1970s?

They thought it was the promised land.

Well, Florida real estate ain't worth crap unless you're in Palm Beach proper.

Whereas NYC rebounded after the 70s (as it will again) and those poor SOB ex-patriot New Yorkers who chose Florida back then, only wished they never left the Big Apple.

Anonymous said...

Yep, momentarily NYC is in a slump.

But you complainers go and move down south to live with white trash whose family trees don't fork.

Anonymous said...

I do declare...
there are a lot of opportunities in Georgia..."Deliverance" country.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "Flooshing (racist) Rezident".

(Anyone who spells it that way is, indeed, a racist).

Thank you for the enlightening
info bub.
I know that "Calvary" is a really big cemetery...with two locations.

Meaning exactly what?

Are you thinking of planting me there for disagreeing with you?


Joe said...

"Anyone who spells Flooshing it that way is, indeed, a racist"

Naaa .....
How does spelling & pronunciation determine racism ?
Is that in the New NYC Department of Education handbook ?
Everyone I know calls and pronounces it "FlauChing including the zany Chinese lady with the knives, stun guns and pepper sprays. I buy my $35 Rolex's, computer RAM and assorted hardware from her.

Anon poster must be another transplant from Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this info is also wrong. Tru Grit probably doesn't take the train.
For every one person maybe leaving theres five or more moving into NYC.

This is a push of agenda by Randian Wall St to bring in more rich unregulated residents in condos.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Joe....
It's been spelled "Flushing" since the mid 1600s after the English expelled the Dutch who previously called it "Vlisingen".

The "Floo" prefix represents a racist euphemism any way you cut it.

Stop yanking our chains.

True Grit said...

You're free to leave NYC any time you want, "Randian Wall Street anonymous".

Don't think I'd want you as my neighbor anyway!

So what's stopping you?

I do take the train and have good eyesight.

Blame the over development for more people jamming the subway cars.

Anonymous said...

is it true that the number of retired teachers living in Forida (no state tax). is so large that the U.F.T. opened a pension benefits office there ?

do they vote in ny state as well ? for more lib politicians to get increased benefits from the working taxpayers ,who they left behind ?

Joe said...

U.F.T. opened a pension benefits office there ?

I heard of that, my mother was a teacher in Bushwick
Most of her NYC school bosses were always Jewish and always complaining about the mayor, talking about leaving the crummy city, vacation or retiring in "Homeland Florida".

Unknown said...

Better analysis HERE. It poll was apparently conducted all over the state and, not surprisingly, most of the people who say they want to move are from outside the five boroughs. I wouldn't want to live in Buffalo, either. All in all about 24% of "Gothamites" say they plan to move. Okay, that's a bit but there's always been churn. And that says nothing about who's actually GOING to move - don't we all know THAT GUY who's been saying for twenty years that he's going to leave the bad old city far behind, but never does? I wouldn't draw any major conclusions from this one study.

Queens Crapper said...

It says right in the title of this post NEW YORK STATE. The rate for upstate is the same as the rate for NYC. Overall, having 1 in 4 residents of your state want to leave is still fairly dismal.

Ridgewoodian said...

Queens Crapper:The rate for upstate is the same as the rate for NYC.

The original article doesn't say that. It doesn't break down the numbers by region at all, which is what made me go look for more info. According to Gothamist, "Here in New York City, for instance, the number of residents looking to leave is just 24 percent versus 33 percent in the suburbs and 26 percent upstate." So, unless they're lying, the rate IS different - slightly different - between the city and upstate, and more people apparently want to stay in the city.

Queens Crapper:Overall, having 1 in 4 residents of your state want to leave is still fairly dismal.

Depends on how you look at it. That means that 3 in 4 people want to stay. Also, there's no indication as to how New York (state or city) compares to other states or comparable cities. Maybe 1 in 4 of our people want to leave but is that more than average nationally? Less? About average? Report doesn't say.

Also, are we doing better or worse than we have in the past? I doubt that more people want to leave now than did in the 1970s, but who knows? And how are we doing compared to five years ago? Or ten?

There's a lot of context missing.