Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where the money's coming from

From the Gotham Gazette:

--Of the candidates listed on Councilpedia, Quinn led the pack in the number of intermediaries -- also known as bundlers -- who have collected donations for her campaign.

--De Blasio has collected substantial contributions from people who do business with the city, including $4,950 from Bear Stearns managing director W.P. McMullen and $2,500 from lobbyist Allison Lee.

-- In addition to substantial contributions from the real estate industry, in 2006, Vallone got a $2,000 donation from then Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and $4,950 from the Mets that he can use toward his 2013 run.

--Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley has amassed about $32,000 for a likely re-election bid. The chair of the Council Committee on Fire and Safety -- and a staunch opponent of cuts to fire houses -- Crowley has received $2,750 from the Uniformed Firefights Association, $2,507 from the emergency medical service workers, and smaller donations from unions representing fire officers and fire alarm dispatchers.

--So far, Leroy Comrie may be more notable for the money he hasn’t received than for what he has. As chair of the powerful Land Use Committee, he would be expected to get substantial donation from real estate interests. They backed him heavily in 2009 and supported the citywide campaign of his committee predecessor Melinda Katz. So far, he hasn't -- although he did get $250 from Katz's old campaign committee. Of course, Comrie, who is term-limited in 2013, may not actually be running for anything.


NYC News & Analysis said...

Last time I checked, Quinn received almost $30,000 in personal donations from either the Rudin family or officers of Rudin Management Company, the same company hoping to make tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars from the luxury condo conversion of St. Vincent's Hospital.

Tubby Stashitsky said...

"Where the money's coming from"

Whew! At least they didn't ask where the money is going to. This is a frequent topic of discussion at MY North Flushing Senior Center.

Anonymous said...

--Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley has amassed about $32,000 for a likely re-election bid.

That's enough for me to vote for her.

Anyone of these "candidates" who are found taking money from real estate swine like Vallone & Quinn should be run out of town, PERMANENTLY.

We have ENOUGH damage to our infrastructure and quality of life here to last generations due to their outright destruction of our neighborhoods to special interests.

Empty 'luxury' condos sitting EVERYWHERE in Queens and a severe shortage of natural drainage has caused this area to be a national flood zone with NO ONE doing anything about it except exacerbating the problems even more.

These criminal politicians like Vallone & Quinn should be in jail for the sheer amount of money that flows into their pockets and the damage they do by diverting our hard earned taxes to special real estate interests who then destroy our neighborhoods and who actually live in places like NJ or CT or worse off, the overseas hotel swines that are quickly turning Queensboro Plaza and Dutch Kills into a no man's land.

And they wonder "why the census was so off".

Queens Crapper said...

And you think Crowley hasn't taken money from real estate interests? What planet are you from?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the loosers. When Debbie Markel ran for City Council and lost in the primaries, she took money from Joe Mattone & Co. and also from Claire Shulman and also Linda Vallone DeSabato, who owns Vallo Bus Co. and has relocated all of her buses into Markel's neighborhood.