Friday, May 20, 2011

Start the damn ULURP already!

St. Saviour's rally flier
Our elected officials at every level of government are all on board with obtaining the St. Saviour's site and converting it into a public park. They have secured enough funding for the City to initiate the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) required to take possession of the property. The only problem is that the City has been dragging its feet on starting this, and it may take up to 2 1/2 years for the City to obtain official permission to purchase the property. We fear the developer will not wait that long and may either sell or develop the property in the meantime. In fact, construction activity on the site started this week.

We will therefore be hosting a rally calling on the City to initiate the ULURP process ASAP. We ask that you join us.

What: St. Saviour's park rally
Date: Saturday, May 21st, 2011
Time: 1pm
Place: 57th Road and 58th Street, Maspeth, Queens
Who: Local residents, elected officials and community groups

Hosted by Newtown Historical Society
Call (718) 366-3715 for more details


Anonymous said...

Don't waste my money for a park in an industrial area. Keep my firehouse open instead.

Anonymous said...

some of Bloomberg's boys are busy posting.

Queens Crapper said...

The money for firehouses comes from the expense budget and the money for parks comes from the capital budget. This is not an either-or situation.

Anonymous said...

Take the capital money and keep us safe. Put it back into the firehouse's
and stop wasting my money.
The only people who will use that park are gonna be factory workers. No families are going to use it. Your nuts if you would take your children into that area , with all the pollution from the trucks and cars that pass by.

Queens Crapper said...

It don't work that way, Sparky!

Anonymous said...

There are families living all around the site. If they aren't going to make a park there then where? You sound like a bitter fool.

Anonymous said...

There's a $3B surplus. No need for firehouses to close or to nix park building. Read this and you'll see what a big lie this budget hysteria is.

Anonymous said...

That area is noisy, dirty, smelly etc. Why would I want to take my kids to an area like that. The trains make lots of noise, the horns honking all the time. It's a big wasted piece of property to use for a park. It's big enough for a very needed SuperMarket with plenty of parking space available. Personaly, I'd never take my kids to a park in that area. To much contamination around. Go back to the drawing tables and come up with something more useful.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit whether you take your kids to the park or not?

Sure, go ahead and take them to the supermarket and keep buying them the same crap that you eat so that they become the lazy fat cow that you are now.

Morons like you make me wonder what I'm doing in Queens when a mentally challenged idiot with a computer would rather see a supermarket than a park.

Queens Crapper said...

Who said YOU had to take your kids to it? Even if you don't use it for a park, the green that would be planted would certainly be healthier for the environment. But who needs trees? They just make cleaner the air that we breathe.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Dennis Gallagher (former councilman/convicted rapist)
is posting all this crap...that shameless pervert!

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang (or son Henry) probably wants this property.

He's not content with his atrocity on Mazeau Street.

Are you posting this anti-park shit Henry?

Anonymous said...

Go and tear down Central Park!

That's "underutilized" land that a thousand big scale condos could be built on.

Oh...but that's Manhattan.

You dare not do that kind of stuff there.

Only in places such as Maspeth, Queens are Bloomberg's real estate boys allowed to take a dump!

Count Bloomberg Lugosi said...


As soon as I finish sucking the blood out of Maspeth, we can begin ULURP.

Dizzy Lizzy said...

Slurp...burp...but no ULURP!