Friday, May 13, 2011

Terrorists prefer Whitestone

From WPIX:

This is just the latest discovery of terror suspects living in the Flushing/Whitestone area – quiet neighborhoods with well-kept homes on rather secluded streets.

In video released to PIX 11 by the NYPD, you can see undercover cops grabbing Ferhani in his car Wednesday evening, near the West Side Highway in Manhattan. Police charged Ferhani bought a hand grenade, three semi-automatic pistols, and 150 rounds of ammunition for use in a plot to blow up synagogues and, possibly, the Empire State Building. Soon after, police arrested Ferhani’s alleged accomplice--20 year old Mohammed Mamdouh—of Parsons Boulevard in Whitestone.

Maria Schneider has lived in Whitestone her whole life. “It’s a very good place to hide, because they mix in very well with the community,” Schneider told PIX 11. “The cells we have in our neighborhood we can’t pick up, because they blend in very well.”

Back in the fall of 2009, FBI agents raided several homes on the Flushing/Whitestone border, looking for evidence in a plot to bomb the city’s subway system. They arrested three friends who attended Flushing High School together, two of them natives of Afghanistan.


georgetheatheist said...

Just how does one go about blowing up the Empire State Building?

ew-3 said...

These folks aren't always too bright. They tried to blow up the WTC with a truck bomb before using the airplanes.
If it were not for some engineering issues, the WTC would still be standing despite the aircraft attack.

Anonymous said...

the AL queda islamo-facist terrorist only has to be right ONCE......many of the WTC terrorists were highly educated in the Middle East and Europe. most were from well to do ,stable familys.

Read : "THE CELL" by John Miller.(the last U.S. reporter to interview U.B.L.

Anonymous said...


They really wanted to blow up the famous "white stone" that Whitestone was named after.

This is sort of like a chapter out of Jimmy Breslin's old comedic novel, "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight".

Put some chum in the water and dump 'em where Osama was dumped!

Unknown said...

I knew Moe, he was always smokin buddah and drinking and shit like that and we would get into like dumb trouble with our parents when we were younger. Never saw himself getting involved in this though. I know for a fact he was in the wrong place at the wrong time this kid is way too much of a bitch to pull any of this off.