Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Return to the Bermuda Triangle

From the Daily News:

A Queens collision company authorized by the city to tow cars from accident scenes has been dumping mangled and unlicensed vehicles on streets around their shop - causing a major eyesore for neighbors.

American Auto Body & Recovery has turned the area along Flushing Ave. in Maspeth into a junkyard, outraged locals said, leaving them to compete for parking spaces with totaled cars.

"They leave the cars anywhere they want. They don't care about the neighborhood, they just care about making money," said Edison Bonifaz, 43, who lives on the same block as the body shop.

"I'm planning to sell my house because of them - I can't live anymore like this," he added.

The company is part of the Directed Accident Response Program and Rotation Tow Program, which allow towing from accidents and removing abandoned or stolen vehicles, respectively. The city Department of Consumer Affairs regulates both programs.

The company's two locations - on Flushing Ave. and nearby 56th Terrace - have received 86 parking summonses and had five vehicles towed this year, police said.

It's unclear whether the vehicles ticketed were involved with the two city registries, but Consumer Affairs officials said they plan to reach out to the NYPD about the summonses.


Anonymous said...

Shut the business down - revoke their business license.

Anonymous said...

The 104th police precinct has known about this company and has allowed them to abuse the neighborhood of Maspeth for at least 5 years. Why?

Anonymous said...

The owner is a nasty individual who confronts everyone and is always threatening peopl

Anonymous said...

I've had several of my cars fixed at American Auto and they are the most professional and personable people I have ever done business with. The eyesore of the neighborhood is the house next door to the body shop.I asked about when I picked up my car. It is filthy and has trash all over the place. This guy just wants his 15 minutes of fame. Too bad he doesn't know what he is talking about. And poor Monica Morales needs to check her facts. And get better extensions for her hair. Her hair salon is who she should be reporting about and put out of business, not American Auto.They are the best body shop, and the WOMAN who owns it is very helpful and sweet.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was about Bloomberg spending the weekend in his Bermuda compound....entwined in a threesome love fest.