Saturday, May 14, 2011

2 more deaths due to illegal conversion

From the Daily News:

A ferocious three-alarm blaze tore through a Brooklyn boarding house Friday night - killing two men who couldn't escape the illegally subdivided building, officials said.

The roaring flames inside the three-story Covert St. building in Bushwick were too overwhelming for Gregory Atkinson, 44, who tried to climb out of his window shortly after the fire flared about 9:15 p.m., officials and family said.

Atkinson passed out from the choking smoke and plummeted three stories to his death in the courtyard below.

Firefighters found the charred body of another man on the building's top floor. Neighbors identified the dead man as Frank Edwards, 56.

The cause of the fire wasn't immediately known, but sources said that investigators suspect a hot plate may have sparked the blaze.


Anonymous said...

The families or organizations can sue the property owner and city for no-enforcement of building code. Hit them big in the wallet - the City has the money!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Vallone is against illegal conversions .... like he was against graffiti ..... against cell phone towers .... against guys looking up women's skirts as they climb the stairs at Ditmars .....

well, you can always rename a street.

Anonymous said...

What don't people understand about illegal conversions?

EVERYONE is doing it in EVERY neighborhood on every street. Only the most affluent/rich/well off neighborhoods don't do it.

There are a few "Captain Americas"/individuals who refuse to jump on the band wagon but they don't matter.

Anonymous said...

24th and 25th deaths since Feb. 1st when Bloomberg cut staffing on Engine companies.
Slower water equals FATALITIES!

Anonymous said...

You would think this would get serious attention to the ineptness of the Blooberg administration - but the opposite occurs - it now just another illegally run building structure - so what, it doesn't matter as it's no on Park Avenue - so what.

Well it does matter and the city is going in a horrible backwards direction - no one is responsible no one attempts to enforce the law. If the building situation is such that people could die - then Fire Marshals should go to court and get permission to enter the premises and shut it down - even confiscate the property outright.

Anonymous said...

you are nuts..."the city has the money" ?

the city money is the n.y.c. taxpayer's money.
they labor long hours to pay the legal settlements that the legal/democrat/complex gangsters extort from the dumbed down jurists.

most of the cases are phony, although illegal conversions are the fault of the owners.

but tenants can be negligent also.
two gay,homosexual men were having a romantic "Valentines night" by lighting candles all over their illegal cellar dwelling. they left for a short time and returned to seven fire vehicles breaking fences and garage doors to get to the almost impossible entrance to the cellar.
the first floor tenant nearly died.

the owner got his insurance company to pay for the damage. he did not rent for a year, but has continued greedily renting for twenty years,by not answering the d.o.b.summons. IT IS A GANGSTER GOVERNMENT SCAM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe there would be less people renting illegal conversions if there were more legitimate affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

greedy property owners know that the d.o.b. and whore CM will do nothing to stop them from cheating the system.

It is a CULTURE OF CORRUPTION, and the democrat voters continue to keep these gangster politicians in power , in n.y.c.

wow,$4.50 for a gallon of you think Sarah is dumb now? DRILL BABY DRILL!!!!!!North to Alaska(Anwar).

Sadie will have us all riding bikes.....