Friday, May 27, 2011

Commuter parking bait-and-switch at Queens Plaza

From the Queens Chronicle:

Despite outcry at a Community Board 2 meeting, Borough President Helen Marshall on Friday approved a proposal which would allow for a significant reduction in the number of parking spots at 28-10 Queens Plaza South, the Gotham Center office tower.

The land, which is owned by the city, is now home to the city’s Health Department. An old parking facility at the location was put out of service in 2008.

Developer Tishman Speyer had initially agreed to create 1,150 parking spaces, but is proposing to instead maintain 550 spots. The garage would incorporate 162 existing spaces and add 388 during the construction of the second office tower.

Members of CB 2 were outraged that the city would consider reducing spaces when the already-congested area is expected to swell with an influx of new employees and residents. On April 7, they voted 24 to 12 to prevent the reduction.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside) represents the area and said he is not yet sure how he will vote regarding the parking, which must still be approved by the City Council. “I am concerned about the loss of parking spaces and possible reduction here, but it is far from a done deal,” Van Bramer said. “I look forward to meeting with the city’s Economic Development Corp. and other members of the community to discuss it.”


Anonymous said...

Well, Jimmy, you saw EDC beating up on the community and now what are you going to do about it?


A little ice cream money. A few front page photo ops from friendly media.

And a public that doesn't remember what they had for dinner last Thursday.

Any further questions? Ask Cathy.

Anonymous said...

the multimillion dollar bike lane construction at Bridge Plaza will reduce the need for auto parking space.

one can store the employee's bikes in less space.

Anonymous said...

Now all those commuters that once parked there and took mass transit into Manhattan can now pollute our air even more by driving all the way into the city and clog Manhattan streets EVEN MORE.

Helen Marshall - The Borough President from HELL!