Saturday, May 28, 2011

City to give scofflaws the boot

From the Daily News:

Officials on Monday posted a notice seeking companies to provide the hated tire-locking clamps for a pilot program to test the possibility of using them citywide.

Currently, the city tows cars but doesn't use the boot.

Slapping a boot on someone's car may not seem like a customer-friendly move, but scofflaws who owe more than $350 now face the shock of discovering that their car has suddenly vanished - then must make an expensive trip to the tow pound.

Starting later this summer or early fall, the city plans to test a kind of boot that lets drivers pay by credit card over the phone to get an unlock code for the boot.

They would then return the boot to a dropoff location or face another big charge on their credit card.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does any one know the weight of those boots
They look very heavy. What if someone drops it on their foot or throws out their back while lifting it???