Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why bike advocates are not taken seriously

From Bayside Patch:

Queens Civic Congress Vice President Dave Kulick caused the raising of some eyebrows—and voices—when he stated on Monday night at the group’s Transportation Forum that “anyone” could ride a bike from Queens to Manhattan.

Kulick spoke in support of Transportation Alternatives, a group invited to the forum with representatives of the Department of Transportation and MTA.

“I understand that you’re biker fanatics. We can’t ride [bikes] into the city every day,” Glen Oaks Village President Bob Friedrich told Budnik.

“I do it every day,” said Kulick, adding, “Anyone can.”

“No, I can’t,” shouted back Janice Schreibersdorf—answered back by Kulick with “yes you can.”

“You don’t know my life,” said Schreibersdorf, “Don’t get on your high horse. I’m lucky I can cross the street some days.”

“I’m not superman. I’m almost sixty years old,” said Kulick. Though Schreibersdorf‘s physical impediment was not apparent, there was at least one wheelchair—bound woman present at the meeting.

Ok, so advocating that more people bike is fine. Advocating that everyone bike is unrealistic. And the MTA needs money, so it's also counterproductive.


Anonymous said...

Arrogant pricks

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg must own a piece of a bicycle manufacturing company...resulting in hizzoner's daffy behavior supporting all these useless, dangerous bike lanes.

Let DOT paint a pair of bike lane stripes across his noggin.

Maybe that'll bring him back to his senses....the arrogant ass!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese ride bikes.

Maybe NYC's future planning includes replacing its current citizen population with Chinese!

could just be the test lab experiment.

meanwhile in China people are buying cars and giving up two wheel transportation (if they can afford it).

Go and figure!

Anonymous said...

In ancient Rome Emperor Nero offered the people bread and circuses to keep them occupied while the fat cats lived extremely off of them.

Here in NYC, Emperor Bloomberg offers us bike lanes and street parks at Times Square, etc.

While our city's middle class is sinking under the weight of malicious municipal misdeeds and squandering sprees...Mayor Mike's super rich pals are doing just fine!

Our city is an over ripe plum awaiting its drop to the ground.

Anonymous said...

UCC is not taken seriously.

We need a real civic that can stand up and expose the grasping morons that run this boro into the ground.

And they ain't it.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Queens Crap is not taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is behind all the bike advocacy because he wants to tax and license bike riders. He can also ticket them for traffic infractions and improper dress (no helmets). Our beloved mayor has dollar signs in his eyes and loves the revenue. It's all about the money. Forget all his environmentally correctness and green crap.

Anonymous said...

Why all the negative comments about bikes. Share the road & don't be a road hog !

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hey, Where is KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Duh...don't you just wish that Queens Crap isn't taken seriously.

Pull your head out of your caboose.

That's why reporters (the Daily New's surely does...I was so by one of their columnists), politicians even the mayor's office have to follow it just to see what's really going on out there!

I'll bet if "Crappy" published the IP addresses, a lot of folks would be surprised at just who's scoping this site.

Pols, etc. tremble at the thought of what might pop up next on Q.C.

Keep up the great work "Crappy" and let 'em weep!

Anonymous said...

Brainless biker trolls!

After taking too many falls without the proper helmet, that's what happens.

A bunch of scrambled eggs talking big.

Anonymous said...

If bike advocates weren't taken seriously, the city wouldn't be building hundreds of miles of new bike lanes and you motorhead troglodytes wouldn't be constantly complaining about it. Get a life. Gas is $5 per gallon, transit fares are going up and service is being cut. Biking from Queens to Manhattan is extremely doable for lots of people and actually quite pleasant and convenient. Bikes, bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly projects like the new Times Square are beneficial and inexpensive. Anyone who is complaining about this bike lanes is truly just pathetic and needs to get a life at this point.

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to understand the point of the post. Typical bikehole.

Anonymous said...

In what ways are biking and increased funding for the MTA incompatible alternatives? Bike infrastructure is cheap, the MTA is really really expensive. I don't think bike lanes have much to do with why the MTA doesn't have any money.

Anonymous said...

Report of my lovely day/

Stepped out my apt, bldg.(67 Ave. & Austin) - ambulance trying to load patient with approx. 25 cars blowing their horns- tenants from building screaming "shut-up you blank, blank".

Then walked to Yellowstone Blvd. and on way to and fro 6 bikes on sidewalks almost hitting me from behind and one car turning corner missing me by an inch or two. All within two hours.

I must have a quardian angel.

Next 112 pct, Community Meeting, I hope you are there with me to blast this Captain for turning the 112 back to the "Country Club".

Anonymous said...

"In what ways are biking and increased funding for the MTA incompatible alternatives?"

Bike lanes take people off mass transit, not out of their cars. Less people paying fares = less revenue. At least car drivers pay tolls and tax on gas.

Anonymous said...

Bike riding is fun and can be rewarding in getting around nimbly in certain parts of Manhattan. However biking in the streets every where is dangerous, bike lanes are not realistic in midtown or Queens Blvd. and need to be confined to waterfront paths, parks, quiet off-the-beaten paths neighborhoods that see little traffic. Creating bike paths is admirable but impractical.