Friday, May 13, 2011

What's the matter with us?

I love my borough, but it's as if we've lost our identity. I just finished reviewing a website dedicated to Brooklyn. The site was filled with photographed celebrities with Brooklyn backgrounds, and native Brooklynites in Brooklyn expressing their love for, and experiences within the Borough. They discuss the culture, architecture, history, feel etc.

Then I look at the photographs I pasted in this email, and the answer is clear.

We sold our borough out, and have no identity, we let over development destroy the character and pride of our communities, our elected members sat back while the identity was of our bridge was stolen as well.

I'm writing this on my cell phone while at work, and I have to be brief;

Queens: where's your pride? - Jamaal Harris

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Charley said...

The question should be what sort of forces led to this kind of development. Saying we sold out, our current generation cares nothing about profit, or no attention is paid to aesthetics or community anymore are cop outs.

In the past for some reason it made economic sense to make even tenements look gorgeous. Now for some reason it makes economic sense to produce these crapboxes. Governments were always flawed, people always respond the same way to incentives. The real challenge is trying to find out what happened rather than advocating the restriction of development (which lowers the housing supply and overall increases housing prices for everyone)