Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hipsters on houseboats

From the NY Post:

A group of intrepid Brooklynites have spent at least a year living on four houseboats moored on the ultra-toxic Gowanus Canal, where they’ve been floating under the radar of city agencies that monitor safety regulations.

A recent study by the US Environmental Protection Agency -- which is overseeing a $500 million Superfund cleanup of the 1.8-mile canal -- has warned boaters not to fall in because the waterway is a cancer-causing cesspool.

Three of the houseboats, occupied by hipster 20-somethings, are docked behind a truck lot off President and Bond streets. Neighbors said they’re known for late-night canal parties and pretty girls sunbathing on the decks.

While the boaters have docking permission from property owners, the floating homes still must pass city Buildings and Fire department safety inspections to be considered legal.

One top city official said it’s “highly unlikely” the city would allow houseboats on the Gowanus, adding the residents could face fines for docking “illegally.”


Anonymous said...

That's not a house boat - it's a garbage barge.

Josh and Megan said...

Hey like ya, look at me, like ya look at me!

Anonymous said...

Move those houseboats over to the Flushing River.

I's cleaner than the Gowanus Canal by comparison.

Maybe dock some Junks and San Pans along its banks too.

Make it more picturesque for Dragon Boat racing season.

Hey, boat people still live in Hong Kong.

Then we can watch Tubby Stavisky and John Liu do their promised swim in the creek.

I hope they don't go skinny dipping...UG-G-G-H!

And the fishing in the Flushing Creek is excellent.

You can turd cast with your fly rods in the sludgy effluent.

Anonymous said...

Then we can watch Tubby Stavisky and John Liu do their promised swim in the creek.


Anonymous said...

Just LIVE and let LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah . Who cares if they want to live live in toxic water. Better them than me.

Anonymous said...

Let them be, thats awesome! I can see more of them popping up.

Josh and Megan, "Hey like ya, look at me, like ya look at me!"...your lame!

Helen said...

EPA and its $500 million "superfund" have been exposed by these people. $500 million is only the tip of the iceberg of the Feds "free money" giveaway.

God Bless these "Houseboater" and the Canoe Clubbers!!!

Anonymous said...

So where is their bathroom run off going? Oh yeah, polluting the Gowanus even more. No worries, that area stinks to high heaven after a heavy rain

Anonymous said...

I remember once reading an old historical item in a magazine regarding the Gowanus Canal.

It stated that the barge captains of old....used to run their barks through the canal in order to kill off ship's worms, etc. that might have attached themselves on a boat's bottom.

They took great care not to fall into the water....even way back then.

Anonymous said...

You don't know about the Scary Wack Man on his house boat?

Joe said...

I see no compost toilet vent pipes so no doubt septic waste is being discharged into the the water !!
NYS dept of waterways wont do squat whatever skeleton crews they have are busy watching the airports.
These squatters must be family of the factory owner. They are all going to end up in the hospital. The gas and air coming off that canal when the water gets warm contains Mercury vapor and 100s of other elements.

Anonymous said...

Please get the point we need to sit on the canal an break all the rules to bring attention to the fact that the city is negalgent in maintaing a clean envoriment fot the ppl in that area why cus there just working class stiffs with no power they have a great case to sue for health problems related to that canal an force a clean up