Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Avella vs. Bloomberg's firehouse closings

From the Daily News:

A state lawmaker is trying to hose down Mayor Bloomberg's plan to shutter 20 FDNY companies.

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens) on Sunday vowed to introduce legislation that would force the city to first get approval from community boards, borough presidents and two-thirds of the City Council.

"It concerns me greatly how the mayor treats public safety, especially fire safety, in a very cavalier manner," the Democrat said.

He announced his long-shot plan at a rally Sunday in front of one of the companies on the chopping block, Engine Co. 306 in Bayside, Queens.


Anonymous said...


How about less funding for real estate developments and corrupt BIDs and more for public safety

Anonymous said...

He might be a Senator now but he REALLY wants to be mayor

Anonymous said...

Well we really don't have a Mayor do we!

Anonymous said...

Avella is a lightweight, not taken seriously by his colleagues, just as he was ignored when he served in the City Council. He'll never stand up to the municipal unions and he'll do what Parkside tell him.

Anonymous said...

Another grandstand play by Tony.

He knows it won't happen.

More publicity when he runs again for whatever office he can get.

Anonymous said...

Wait till you see what the mayor has lined up for the school system. Its coming down the pyke at this very moment. Things are going to get real bad real quick and he has already lined up the spin machine to blame the unions.

Anonymous said...

That picture of the mayor reminds me of something. Oh yeah! My first pet...a turtle named Yurtle!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

It may be a grandstand play, but how many other elected officials are doing something other than rolling over and playing dead for Bloomberg?

Anonymous said...

Avella is a parkside kiss ass. Who spread nasty lies about padavan to get elected. Dan halloran should bre the new state senator in 2012. *

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 9:

A very well-written comment, but no way that happens, especially if the "three sanitation workers" stay hidden.

Anonymous said...

Some really jealous posters on this board. Hmmmm. Avella is awesome. Don't let the envy kill you.

Anonymous said...

If Avella is so awesome....
where's his track record of successes?


Did one of his intros ever become law when he did his time in the city council?

Anonymous said...

Tony's a decent. honest, caring, guy.

Everyone knows that.

But politics is a nasty business to be in.

It, unfortunately, involves employing the art of compromise and deal making.

Idealistic rhetoric (speech making & press appearances) doesn't always get the job done.

Dreaming the "impossiblre dream" only makes you scores of enemies.

Like Don Quixote....Tony is doomed to tilt at windmills up in Albany.

And he's stuck under the Stavisky dynasty's thumb.

Too bad....but that's reality.

Now go and call me a cynic, if you wish.

Sarah said...

The reason only assholes like (Crowley,Avella)are "standing up to the Mayor" is because it's all bullshit. The city is not closing any firehouses. It's just an old fashion political setup.Done every year with firehouses,police officers, teachers, services to the aged.... blah, blah, blah. Who will be the hero this time and save all of us from certain doom? We will see.

Jaded Eye said...

Sounds like a bunch of sore losers (a.k.a. Padavanites) on this blog. The issue is Fire Engine Company 306 in Bayside being closed, not whose ass Avella is kissing. He's not kissing Bloomberg's ass like the entire city council. Rome will burn while Nero the little troll fiddles with tens of thousands of people's lives in this congested Bayside neighborhood. There are also numerous bars and restaurants right in that area on Bell Boulevard. This "mayor" is pretty cavalier with the lives of people in Bayside.

Anonymous said...

Until another politician comes up with something why say anything bad about Avella.. even if nothing happens at least he's speaking out and trying

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 14:

Apparently you weren't reading the newspapers when firehouses were closed in previous years. This is a fight, not a game of chicken.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Avella. Avella for Mayor!

Anonymous said...


Who's Tony paying to defend his "honor" on this site?

Assemblyman Avella has no other skills but to remain in the sludgy halls of politics.

He started out in the CAU (NYC Community Assistance, now Affairs, Unit) a do nothing bunch.

Then it took him 20+ years to "advance" himself up in the ranks as to becoming a light weight freshman assemblyman, attached to Senior Senator Tobby Ann Stavisky's skirt.

C'mon fella...
a snowball in hell has a better chance than Avella to become top dog of anything.

Anonymous said...

It was high time for Padavan to be pushed out.

38 years was too much for any one legislator to serve.

It's time for Albany term limits too!

But at least Frank has a track record of accomplishments in protecting our nabes.

We'll see what Avella leaves behind that can't be cleaned up with bathroom tissue.

Anonymous said...

Toby Ann will never let Tony become a senator.

That spot is reserved for as long as she lives.

Meanwhile she's got "Parkside's pal" on a short leash.

"Bark for your biscuit, boy".

Anonymous said...

"Anon #8",
Although I admire Avella's spoken position...
mouthing off cannot be equated with having done something for real.

We'll wait and see what transpires.

I'll give him his time.

Anonymous said...

Tony is getting tired of those long trips up to Albany.

Who wouldn't?

That's why he's locking horns with Mayor Bloomberg.

He wants to return to NYC politics when his temp job upstate is over.

But unless he gets the Democratic party's support, he'll never be able to successfully run for mayor again.

And he's already made enemies of almost every machine bobble head in the city council.

So who's left to be his friend....Councilman Barron?

that's going to help him a lot.

Too bad that Avella doesn't stand a much of a chance.

He would have been a good mayor.

But as they say in politics, "The good die young".

Anonymous said...

Anon Nos. 19 and 21:

You don't read the papers, either. He IS a State Senator.

Anonymous said...

political payback for the treatment of padavan is comeing soon
Tony will be gone in 2012
the ugly lies about padavan are going to come back to haunt him as well as the stavisky clan

in 2012 the senate district will be cut and avella wont have coumo at the top of the ticket. he will have obama.thus halloran beats him in 2012

then i heard the good guys from whitestone are going to primary evan stavisky and make him come from rockland to campaign himself. he will back down and warren schreiber will get the county nod.which would be fine for everyone

and sais is getting a district leader primary and sasson will be challenging toby
if all goes well the stavisky influence peddleing racket will be based out of astoria and rockland and will not be run out of northeast queens

Tubby Stashitsky said...

if all goes well the stavisky influence peddleing racket will be based out of astoria and rockland and will not be run out of northeast queens

Uh Oh! They're onto to me. I wonder if "they" want to have lunch with me at the North Flushing Senior Center. I'll only charge 'em 2 bucks a plate...more if they expect food on them!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 25:

No, Tony won't have Cuomo (correct spelling) at the top of he ballot. But he will have the President of the United States of America there. That's not going to hurt.

Anonymous said...

No, Tony won't have Cuomo (correct spelling) at the top of he ballot.
Proofread much? People who live in glass houses. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

People who live in rockland county should get a primary in whitestone just sayin

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 28:

Look at how the other guy had Cuomo spelled. That's why I put (Correct Spelling) in there.

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean "he" instead of "the."

My bad.

Anonymous said...

"if all goes well the stavisky influence peddleing racket will be based out of astoria and rockland and will not be run out of northeast queens"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
After she gets re-elected next year, TobyAnn will do what Pheffer and Mayersohn do: step down, and Evan will get County nomination to succeed her. He may then have to move to Queens from upstate.

Anonymous said...

evan is too bitchy to be a in the public eye

Anonymous said...

but then again tony avella is bitchy and he always wins election

Anonymous said...

Evan will get County nomination to succeed her. He may then have to move to Queens from upstate.

Great! Just what Queens needs. More illegal immigrants! That guy is surely from another planet!!!

Anonymous said...

How does a state senator introduce city legislation?

How can any city legislation be bound by decisions of an unelected community board?

This is BS. If something like this passes, it virtually strips any future mayor from having the ability to trim agency budgets, as a law such as this can easily be expanded to cover every city agency.

This is just grandstanding by a do-nothing career politician and union hack (Tony) who will involve himself in any issue on whichever side will get him the most net votes.

Anonymous said...