Sunday, May 22, 2011

NY1 gets trashed out yard cleaned up

From NY1:

Neighbors grew tired of seeing trash surround a nearby abandoned house in Jamaica, Queens, and they contacted NY1 For You for help.

The neighbors contacted NY1 after countless calls to 311 went unaddressed. After some digging, NY1 found the owner of record was deceased, and her family knew nothing about the condition of the house.

Once NY1 contacted the survivors, they cleaned up the house.

"The yard is looking better and I thank News 1," says Franklin.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't sound like crap. It actually seems like a problem solved in a "correct" manner.

A rare post here on QUeens crap.

Queens Crapper said...

You really haven't been following the blog long, have you? The original visit to the site was posted here, so the followup was also posted. OMG, what a scandal! There are positive things posted here frequently. Pay attention.

Anonymous said...

NY1 is my favorite comedy channel, next to channel 11.
What a waste of space.

Anonymous said...

Why does a news station have to do what these idiot neighbors could have done for themselves?

Anonymous said...

NY1 found the responsible person. Most people don't have access to people finding information. Why are you suggesting people should be responsible for their neighbor's property? That's sending the wrong message. Holding homeowners responsible is the correct message.