Monday, May 30, 2011

Cast iron gates getting stolen


Anonymous said...

So much wrong with this story.

"Iron wrought gate?" You talk good English, reporter.

People have seen two men in a white van removing gate hinges... and yet no one has said anything to the police? No one thought to stop them? No one thought to call the police with the license plate number?

Go hope yuppie scum. Go back to Nebrarkantucky.

Anonymous said...

"Police are hoping to Close the door soon on this case"!!!!
HAR HAR HAR Mario you're a pisser

Pun Crocker said...

I'm a fan of heavy metal but this is ridiculous!

ex-gov.arnold schwarzenegger said...

Wie gates?


Joe said...

It happens.
They went after my entry globes in Ridgewood.
Somebody clearly had been working both of them loose over a long period of time yet nobody saw anything.

I have since removed the 4 foot 1/2 inch threaded rods that "squeeze" the andiron assembly's together and installed 1 inch steel pipe in concrete and mig welded the top caps.

I also had to weld "top hat" caps on the gate hinges so that doesn't 'disappear".
Huge pain in the neck it took all day plus I had to seal and repaint.

Ridgewood is turning into a real sh*thole due to the influx of all these desperate illegal aliens criminals and juvenile delinquent offspring.
The Yuppies and Hipsters are useless clueless morons with no balls, fists or brains. That "hippie liberal" attitude is why they always get hit first. I wont rent to them.


Anonymous said...

"Entry globes"?
That sounds "X-rated" Joe.

Anonymous said...

The thieves ought to hit Malba.

Anonymous said...

Haven't ya heard? Schwarzenegger is a master gater!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the thieves were actually a beautification committee trying to rid the nabe of those ugly iron eye sores frequently seen on those Italian palazzos.

Anonymous said...

Why do all these clueless morons sound like they are talking through their nose after sucking on helium?
Clueless #3, the blond ditz wonders why the crooks don't go for what is inside the brownstone. Don't worry your pretty little bimbo head about it sweetie, I am sure you can expect some midnight visitors into your little yuppy sanctuary, now that you pretty much invited them in and told them what they can get out of your apartment.

Anonymous said...

The massive libs think everyone loves everyone.They hate you,envy you and want what you careful!

Anonymous said...

Look for these rare ornamental cast iron beauties, showing up in the Hamptons as garden gates or on the West Side Chelsea, Clinton or UWS town houses or brownstones that these items fetch a handsome price.