Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old Jackson Heights mansion to be torn down

Hey Crappy,

I’m a huge fan and been following the blog since its inception. I wanted to tip you of on a beautiful old house in Jackson Heights that looks like it’ll be demolished any day now. It’s on the corner of 34th avenue and 74th street. It sits across the street from what once was its sister house (now a vacant lot), owned by the same family. No telling what either lot is going to be, but the area cannot handle another residential building in the area. Some speculated that they may be building offices. The house is a true beauty and should have been a shoo-in for landmarking but will end up another example of destroying history when something beautiful has outlived its initial use.

Keep up the good fight,


Not to worry, Joe. I looked up the owner info for both sites and guess who's tearing these mansions down?

The Bloomberg Administration!

Owner's Information
Relationship to Owner: DIR. OF STUDIO1
Business Address: 30-30 THOMSON AVENUE L.I.C. NY 11101

And there's already a school across the street...

They even got a mechanical demo permit!


JO said...

One More Term!
God Bless mike bloomberg.

Joe said...

I see the copper flashing is already missing from the chimney and toilet vents.
...along with every vintage parquet floor, valuable fixture and fireplace mantle.

Horrible news...Give it time.
I'm willing to bet many holes have already "developed" in the roof tiles and water downspouts have "fallen" into disrepair in strategic ways.

Same sh*t happened in Port Washington with the Gatsby house (aka Lands End).
Speculator shitz bought it (father & son team) then destroyed it to get it condemned (cry rotten timbers & hardship)
Knock down to make room for 5 Persian palaces.
...good luck JH

Anonymous said...

AVENUE K DEVELOPERS INC. Business Phone: 516-791-1800

There is no "Ave K Developers " or G-R-E-T (Gret Neck)
This "Buk-Rah ? " applicant is committing FRAUD the Bloomberg's assholes didn't pick up on this !!!
***************************************PAPER WORK MISFILED OR FAKE NO DICE !!!!!************

Joe said...

See this link and look around.
I'm positive I saw Ave K Gret Neck" On one of those apps

Jerry Rotondi, former trustee, QHS said...

Maybe Queens
"Queens Landmarks Preservation Commission"---
because our Manhattan-centric one doesn't give a damn about our "outer" borough's history.

Provided, of course, that it's not composed of the usual
borough-hall-kissing "historians"!

Anonymous said...

What's that dumb-ass group of "preservationists" that meet a Queens borough hall doing about this....taking bets on their monthly circle jerkles?

Do I have this right...
they're paying to use their room at the hall so that Helen Marshal can now proclaim that she's a staunch supporter of historic preservation in Queens...because she lets this doddering bunch use borough hall?


Anonymous said...

If it's in the hands of Bukharian goat f-----s, it's doomed!

Queens Crapper said...

Do you think you folks can actually read the entire post so that you can understand that the SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION AUTHORITY is the owner?

georgetheatheist said...

Bukharian goat f-----g School Construction Authority

Anonymous said...

Crappy, that would require intelligence and would interrupt their di*k-jerk... I mean knee-jerk reaction.

Anonymous said...

A shame, the other one on the other side of the street was torn down already. Problem is , that in the neighborhood no one knew what to do with them. The current one became a Korean church for a while but that ended rather quickly. They were truly magnivicient.

It is a true shame. I hear it is part of the IS 230 extension, one of the sites antoher school building and the other a desperately needed playground for the existing and future school.

Anonymous said...

This is an annex to I.S. 230 which is adjacent to the property, and the twin lot will be their playground.

I was extremely against this plan from the beginning and actually had a vote on the recommendation to acquire the property, and I was one of the few in opposition. A coalition of people were at that meeting and offered to buy the mansion, but the SCA said they always win because they have more money at their disposal.

An acquantance of mine refers to the SCA, as the Scandelous Corrupt Association, and it is so true.

I am all for schools, but not at the cost of destroying history.

School Construction Atrocities said...

We don't f*k goats, we make love to them

AnnaC said...

What a BS scheme....they close schools that are already occupied and more than full. Then the city spends our money on tearing buildings down and building new schools....I want in on this deal so I can make all the money and then move the h--- out of NY

Unknown said...

I live a few blocks away from where the mansion used to stand and they are both officially down. Where the mansion was is now a school under constrution and almost done. Ill take pictures

Alex Haiken said...

I know the house well. I grew at at 34-20 74 St, almost right across the street from this house. I used to see this house from my bedroom window.

Anonymous said...

Bruh ppl say that house was possessed so it’s good that it got destroyed years ago