Monday, May 16, 2011

Illegal hotel crackdown

From CBS 2:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is announcing the results of a crackdown on illegal hotels.

Bloomberg said Sunday that the city has taken action against 15 illegally converted hotels since May 1, when a new state law targeting illegal hotels went into effect. He said vacate orders were issued at eight of the locations.

City inspectors found one three-family house in Brooklyn occupied by 44 guests. They said the building had no sprinkler or fire alarm system.

Bloomberg said owners of illegal hotels put profits above safety. He promised that city officials will continue to do all they can to enforce the laws against them.

New York State Sen. Liz Krueger said the crackdown on illegal hotels will significantly improve the security and quality of life of New Yorkers.

Amazing...people die in a fire on Saturday, this video is released on Sunday. Coincidence?


Anonymous said...

That is a great video that let's people see with their own eyes what really is going on in our city.
Here in Flushing the same thing is happening. Illegal boarding houses, illegal cabs, illegal DVD's sales ect... My once great North Flushing neighborhood is turning into an Korean slum !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh but we don't want to "offend" Flushing's Asians by busting up their illegal fire trap hotels, brothels, gambling dens, etc.

That's what Flushing's pols, business leaders and CB#7 have been saying and planning to accomplish for years....and have.

So NYC will continue to ignore Oriental law breakers....
particularly in Floo-shing.

This is because these Asiatics help drive out the people of color that Bloomberg's NYC so desperately desires....thereby increasing real estate values and encouraging hipsters to move in.

Those racist hypocrites have decided that Flushing is better "Yellow" than "Black"!

Koreans have already successfully displaced most "troublesome" Latinos from southeast Flushing.

And how many bribes has the 109th PCT taken to look the other way?

FlooshingRezident said...

I'm white and I find that, in general, all non-Asians are much friendlier than Asians - except the nasty Italians and Greeks in Flushing.

I have yet to see any hipsters in Flooshing - guess the hour and 45 minute commute to the Village is a turn-off!

Anonymous said...

There are the oriental chain of hotels based in single family homes that line 80th Street from Grand Ave and march up to juniper Valley Park. 15-20 folks live in 1600 sqft occupying the low ceiling basements where there are gas stoves. Garages are converted to bedrooms, where false garage doors are disabled and fixed shut. Folks are seen arriving directly from the airport to their first night's rest on their visa journey to find work and a legal spouse if lucky - most overstay their visa and disappear into the dark worlds which sustain them.

Anonymous said...

I'm referring to
Asian hipsters, yuppies, professionals, or whatever their counterpart may be,
"Flooshing Rezident".

Not all hipsters are white.

It's really a matter of replacing lower socioeconomic classes with higher class people.

Asians buying into Flushing definitely have more, etc. than most Blacks and Latinos.

So we drive with the less visible Tong & secret society conflicts.

The Chinese don't usually indulge in drive by shootings.

They do hire gangs to extort protection money from each other's business competitors.

But that goes unnoticed and won't affect real estate values.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see any hipsters in Flooshing - guess the hour and 45 minute commute to the Village is a turn-off!

Beech and Kissena, Cherry and Union. There's a small, (very small) population but they're there.

Just look at the fixed gear bikes locked up around main street.

georgetheatheist said...

And now that she has visual proof of what is transpiring, what is Queens Borough President Helen Marshall going to do about this?

Anonymous said...

I agree that many parts of Flushing, including Auburndale are turning into a Korean slum. They don't care about their properties, or how many people live in their apartments. They put trash on their balconies and hang clothes over the railings. It's disgusting. These once beautiful, vibrant, middle class neighborhoods are being overdeveloped and destroyed. We all have to wallow in their filth.

Anonymous said...

South of Northern Bl'vd. in Flushing is a whole lot different from the North side.

For one....zoning is tighter on the north side (R1-2A) like Riverdale's prime zoning in the Bronx.

It has a very active (founded in 1964) homeowners' association that rides shotgun on any zone busting practices or illegal activity.

The south has very spotty zoning permitting higher density.

Get your facts straight before broad brushing the entire Auburndale/Flushing area as a Korean slum.

Flushing north is actually losing Koreans.

Anonymous said...

"Flushing north is actually losing Koreans."

Are you for real? You must walk up & down Northern Blvd. and see with your eyes how many Korean live in North Flushing. I have an Korean hostel/hotel on my block with 15 people living in the house !
Driving Northern Blvd. from Main St. to Little Neck should be enough to open anyone's eyes to what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been to Little Neck lately?
It's all Korean all the time!! I'm talking about north of Northern Boulevard and south of Northern as well. This has been the case for many years. They rarely "assimilate" and appear to be very clannish.

Anonymous said...

I have Korean neighbors next door and across the street for over ten years and still don't know their names. Almost every sale of a house is now 80% to a Korean buyer.
Where is this going ? I have never seen anything like this. Building illegal basements and attics are the first renovations done then come the stainless steel doors and window bars !

Anonymous said...

Thank Gary Ackerman and the Democrats!

Anonymous said...

Most Koreans actually live south of Northern B'lvd. but they do shop there.

Do a property ownership search on NYC's "Acris" and you'll discover that there's a low percentage of Korean home ownership north of Northern compared to the south side.

Do your homework before you mouth off with inaccuracies!

Anonymous said...

Would you really know the difference between a Korean, Chinese or Japanese?

Most likely, "slopes" all look the same to you.

There are a lot of Irish drunks living in north Douglaston.

Now how do you like that piece of racist BS stereotyping?