Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vallone vs. "fat caps"

From the Daily News:

A Queens pol who has championed anti-graffiti laws wants to crack down on "fat caps," a device he says vandals put on spray-paint cans to tag wider areas in less time.

Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. said he will introduce legislation this month to ban sales of fat caps to anyone under 21 and require older patrons to show ID.

He previously helped pass laws that restrict the sale of spray-paint cans and broad-tipped markers. He has also sponsored a bill restricting the sale of etching acid.

"Vandals are now destroying homes and businesses and monuments like never before," Vallone said. "The more tools they come up with to destroy property, the more tools we have to give to law enforcement to protect properties."

Community groups hope the fat caps bill will hinder the spread of what's become a must-have accessory for vandals.

"If you can do twice as much damage in half the time, it covers much more ground," said Anthony Meloni, director of the Queens civic group New York Anti-Crime Agency.

Felix DeVito, who owns a fuel oil business in Vallone's district in East Elmhurst, marveled at how quickly vandals can deface his Astoria Blvd. property with fat caps.

"They'll walk up - boom, boom, boom - and they're done in four seconds and they're gone," DeVito said.


Anonymous said...

The only thing that's fat is his head. Junior guess what, no one cares. No one cares about your mid life crisis, no one cares about your motor cycle and everyone, most importantly you, knows that you would be working at a car wash if it wasn't for your name. I wonder how horrible that is going through life knowing EVERYONE who meets you thinks the same thing. No wonder you always have that sour puss on.

Wild Hare Up Your Ass said...

Big deal!

All you have to do is widen the hole on any spray cap (by drilling, or using a hot needle, whatever) and you've got a fat cap.

This is yet another feeble example of Peter "one note" Don "junior" Vallone's frivolous anti graffiti campaign

He continually blows smoke up our asses with this favorite issue of his....hoping to distract us all from the fact that he's accomplished nothing substantial during his tenure in the city council.

Oh, but the Vallones deserve kudos for selling out Astoria to over-development!

Anonymous said...

La Famiglia di Vallone are just a bunch of grandstanding political mobsters!

Since grand dad Charlie "the judge" first set them up in the family business, they've made a career of butt buggering us.

With NYC still locked down in financial meltdown mode....
"piccolo" Pietro chooses to campaign against fat caps when he should be going after Bloomberg and his fellow fat cats for mismanaging our great metropolis!

Shut up Pete and finish sucking up your cap-olinni.

Didn't your mamma ever tell you not to talk with a mouthful of sausage?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to fat cap a yellow stripe up Vallone's back to show NYC what a cowardly pussy he really is!

How come you're not going after your real estate developer friends for defacing your district with mega building that shorts out the electrical grid, Don Vallone?


Look it all up folks.

The VALLONES have sold out your nabes to developers for decades!

Anonymous said...

Just another publicity grab. Kids will just order their fat caps online and sell them amongst themselves.

Anonymous said...

It’s already illegal to sell the can of spray paint to minors, but they still seem to be getting them. This law is worthless. He is worthless.

Anonymous said...

Graffiti is growing ever faster from the artist building in LIC and spreading eastwards along the 7. The artist building seems to build a support for tagging and now miles of it can be seen all the way to Flushing - I only wish the graffitti criminals went to the Highline Park to perform their magic and where it would be much more appreciated. Tribeca and artist haven is dying to attract real artists to enliven their walls!

Anonymous said...

Anon - you're definitely new to Queens if you think graffiti spread from 5 points up the 7 line. Graffiti on those rooftops have been there for decades now, and it all appeared more or less at the same time.

If anything 5ptz gives these people a place to create actual artwork instead of scribble on the streets.

Like everyone else says, this law is just grandstanding by vallone. It won't prevent anything. Existing laws already cover spray cans. More laws does not equal = safer cleaner streets.

Get your facts right before opening your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Graffiti pretty much disappeared in the better neighborhoods during the Giuliani years but has come back with a vengeance since then.

Anonymous said...

RU talking about
"5 Pointz"...referring to the "artist building" in LIC,you Vallone troll?

Or is it a community board troll?

Or perhaps even a Jerry Wolcoff
("5 Pointz" building owner) troll?

you're an ignorant gas bag whoever you who alternates from sucking your thumb to "deep-dig" hemorrhoid scratching...
without washing in between!

Anonymous said...

Somebody's surely on "junior" Vallone's dick this morning!

It even might be old double-jointed Pete Jr. himself

Tsk, tsk, tsk....shame on you!

Hey Don "junior"...
you should be in church this early...not reading Queens crap!.

Your daddy, Pete Sr. always goes to church on Sunday.

Word has it that there's a "pretty" altar boy he favors as eye candy.

Anonymous said...

"Queens Crap" certainly has had some major impact on shady dealings of political dynasties like la Famiglia di Vallone, for them to be scoping it this early?

Bet you'd love to put a contract out on me Don Pete!

Well....FU in red spray paint!

If you think you can nail me in cyberspace....go and have a try at pants-peeing wuss!

Anonymous said...

At first, I thought the title was "Vallone vs. "fat cops" - which is hilarous

Anonymous said...

You know I have to say, the Anti Italian American comments every time someone with a vowel at the end of his or her name is mentioned is disgusting. Why is it that every time, without fail, an American of Italian decent is in the media, and has achieved some level of success, he or she is associated with the MOB?

I know Vallone has done great things for the schools in his district, why is he not a mobster when he does things for the community?

You can disagree with the politician and not like what he does, but to attack his ethnicity is an insult to all regardless of race.

Anonymous said...

Soon you'll need to be over 21 and show ID if you want to buy anything...

Anonymous said...

The Vallones ARE political gangsters.

Go and suck Pete juniors joint if you think he's so great.

Anti Italian? My ass.

If they were Jews or Asians, they'd still be political mobsters.

I'm Italian, myself, and I don't take offense except at the Vallones bully tactics!

Anonymous said...

The Vallones did good things for their community?


Astoria looks like shit....overbuilt and overstressed!

The Vallones have only done good things for themselves within the immediate nabes that they live in.

Anonymous said...

well they will need paul vallone to carry on the legacy

the problem is paul vallone has made alot of enemies in bayside and whitestone and noryh flushing

first he divided the italian community running against iannece when iannece had county nod and community track record

then in the 26 ad assembly race he backstabbed his old supporters in whitestone

with so many enemies in whitestone and bayside a newcomer like sais or silverstein can lock down the coops and bay terrace then make inroads in the territories were paul seems to leave alot of bodies

whose gonna get him elected the dorsas and the lions club lol
the moral of the story is that its hard to win higher office and the family legacy does not pull weight outside of astoria
we may see the end of a dynasty