Monday, September 14, 2009

DeBlasio & Yassky profited off park deal

From the NY Post:

Higher-office hopefuls David Yassky and Bill de Blasio, who got thousands in campaign donations from boosters of Brooklyn Bridge Park, helped get $3 million in capital funds to develop the waterfront area, records show.

City Councilmen Yassky, running for city comptroller, and de Blasio, running for public advocate, led the Brooklyn delegation in sponsoring the funding from last year's council capital budget.

Campaign-finance records show Yassky received roughly $25,000 from board members and advisory-board members of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, which supports the makeover. De Blasio took in roughly $14,000 from conservancy members.

Brush up on your Brooklyn Bridge Park history.


Taxpayer said...

These two - and so many other mindless pols - need to go back to class to learn who it is who pays all the bills.

They need to learn who it is who pays their salaries.

They need to learn who it is who owns their office, their chairs, their cars and who pays the staff.

Then they need to drop out or be kicked out for failure to be humble enough to represent these people who have these pols on their welfare rolls.

Anonymous said...

As long as the NYC electorate remains as ignorant as it is and falls for the various pols' dog and pony shows they'll never bother to read between the lines.

Reading all of the fine print between the lines is essential because it would allow them to be able to distinguish between the honest and the crooked candidates!

All any pol has to do is spread his name all over the place...maybe even steal some credit for projects he had nothing to do with...and he comes out to be the savior of his district!

In the "end", you voters deserve whom you elect.

Just bend over and smile!

Just make sure that you dummies don't re-elect emperor Bloomberg!
Is that simple enough for you? (Gag...barf)!

Anonymous said...

Yassky father is a developers who bought the endorsement of the Times and News for his son. Both papers are pro development

DeBlasio was endorsed by the Times which did not say a word about the growing WFP slush fund scadal

The papers not only do not inform the public they are in on the corruption and electiong pro develpment bums into office

Anonymous said...

Um, so why isn't the presevation community discussing this instead of speading an entire month talking about South Street?

Where is the Metropolitian Waterfront Alliance? an alliance of what, developers?

... and the 'Greens'? Oh yes, 'planned development' - ranks up there with 'affordable housing'

Anonymous said...

It's the same old"Play for Pay" scam, that the majority of the City Council partake in on every vote that comes before them. The DOI should be examing everyone of these bums.

Unknown said...

Every politician does this sort of thing, and will continue to do this sort of thing until it's made ILLEGAL.

Corporations are given too much preferential treatment in the campaign financing process. Of course corruption will occur.

When your ability to become elected hinges on your ability to raise money, and that money comes with strings attached, aren't you going to continue to take that money and happily pluck those strings as fast as you can?

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's Bill reaching for? Daves wallet or butt cheek?

Anonymous said...

did i just her on fox news that there will be an
exposure of the acorn/s.e.i.u. stimulus federal give-away of millions of tax dollars soon? did yassky accept
campaign donations from s.e.i.u.? did not the U.S.
Senate on 9/14/09 vote to revoke federal stimulus $$$ from acorn? another chimpanzee candidate?