Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FBI still seeking more terrorists

From CBS 2:

The search is on for up to a dozen terrorists, possibly planning an attack on the United States. The FBI is looking for those associated with Najibullah Zazi, one of three already under arrest.

Sources told CBS 2 on Monday the plot may have focused on mass transit.

As the three men made their first court appearances in Denver and in Brooklyn, law enforcement sources said they are still tracking a core group of nine to 12 people with knowledge of the alleged terror plot. And the plan to use homemade explosives to bomb one or more terror targets in New York City may just have been temporarily interrupted.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised a guy who looks like this can even earn a living in Denver. The west ain't NY, shall we say.

Anonymous said...

it is important to your family's survival, that you must convey your ideas to your, city council/federal elected,

"gary ackerman" "-225-2601

u.s.senators 202-224-4451
" c.shumer " -224-6542

n.y.c.cm and candidates.

demand that both political sides vote to stop immigration from s.e. asian countries,legal and illegal, immediately. health care does not matter when an islamo-fascist suicide bomber kills you at work!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone should call their congressman/woman. Not only is it important to enforce our immigration laws for terrorism purposes, but for health reasons as well. We need to know what is coming into our country. We elect these people to represent us and to have our best interests at heart. This is not being done. Vote everyone out that doesn't uphold the laws of the land.

lucy lane said...

Let’s keep on fighting these haters, US haters…let the fight end when they have stopped hating us and wanting us to all die/blow up for the sake of their religious beliefs…God never said to kill someone will give you nth…virgins, God does not want us to kills anyway...so what are they thinking-Crazy people!!!

neversleep said...

Apparently, the persons questioned are in the country legally.
However, it is interesting to note the early comments in some other blogish locations (like the Times) where the authorities were excoriated.
It seems there's lots of Persistant Bush Derangement Syndrome out there.
After all, the Joint Terrorist Task Force, special judges for terrorism warrants, the FBI and wiretapping were all invented by him, so they must be bad.
Not to say that power can't be abused, but...
PBDS -- it's a threat to public health.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the court system should just stick a cherry bomb up their asses and light 'em up.
If these Muslim radicals are so eager to become martyrs then begin with their butts!*

The previous was just intended as SATIRE any of you law enforcement blog browsers. It IS NOT to be taken as incitement for anyone to commit any violent or illegal acts against anyone.