Friday, September 25, 2009

Our "great green mayor" takes helicopter to NJ concert

From CBS2:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has found himself thrust into a "chopper-gate" controversy Friday after the avowed environmentalist avoided the traffic congestion at last night's U2 concert by taking to the air.

What's more, the mayor's pilot used the gas guzzler to go there twice – once for a test run.

CBS 2 caught Bloomberg's chopper buzzing the Meadowlands as he searched in vain for the right place to land the chopper so the mayor could go to the U2 concert. It was a test run, and the pilot botched it, so when he came back with the mayor, he had to land farther away.

But it left the oh-so-green mayor's face oh-so-red on Friday. CBS 2's Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reminded Bloomberg that it takes a lot more energy to fly a chopper than a car, wasting a lot of energy.

"I suppose you could say that, but there's other ways to get around," he said. "Some are more energy efficient, I could have walked or swam across the river as well, that would have used less."

It was a "gotcha" moment for an avowed environmentalist.

"Helicopter rides to concerts, celebrity endorsements, a $200 million campaign – maybe Mike Bloomberg would be better suited to running for mayor of Hollywood," said Anne Fenton, a spokeswoman for Thompson.

The mayor is so green that five different environmental groups refused to comment about the story.

Yeah, "green" in a different sense...


Anonymous said...

I was at both U2 concerts this week. What the media isn't reporting is that there were audible BOOs when Bono mentioned that the mayor was there. Clearly us loud New Yorkers were in the stadium.

I'm also irked that NY1's "The Call" show tonight asks viewers if this would influence their vote. I've been a U2 fan since 1983 and there's nothing they could do that would get me to vote for Bloomberg. (Okay, maybe a private concert in the backyard--KIDDING)!

U2 did NOT offer an "endorsement" of Bloomberg for anything. Watch the video. He's talking about Bloomberg's financial contributions to organizations that provide malaria prevention.

The bigger story here is that NJ Transit was woefully unprepared, and unapologetic, for the size of the crowd, claiming they "didn't know" how many people would be showing up. NO ONE knew how many tickets were sold? No one did an analysis to see where those ticketholders were located? The platforms and lines were dangerously overcrowded.

If U2 had played at the brand new Citi Field, we wouldn't have had these problems--you could walk out of there if you had to. Our #7 line is not the best in the world but it would at least have been running at all hours.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Zometimes I have my pilot hover over Queenz zo I can pee on der peonz. I am zuch a pisser!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

I love how people like Bono think I'll vote for Bloomy cause he think's he's great. Also, I love Bloomy's rationale that while driving would use more fuel than flying, swimming would use even less fuel. The man really thinks New Yorkers are stupid.

Anonymous said...

That Bloomy -- what an ass! The sadder story is that New Yorkers will actually vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we all know the rules don't apply to him; just ask anyone who voted twice for term limits.

Anony2 said...


PizzaBagel said...

Bloomie took a helicopter to the Meadowlands? Get out! I'm sure that he must have taken the train there. It must have been another shrimpy, turtle-faced billionaire that was seen exiting a chopper at the concert. After all, our fine Mayor is the greenest one we've ever had. He takes the subway every day to and from his $1-a-year job. And he's just like us, he feels our pain, yada yada.

Anonymous said...

Mayor (Hollywood) Bloomberg takes a helicoptor 4 miles to the Meadowlands - even has the pilot do a prior test run - how about that!