Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Brooklyn hipsters kicked to the curb

From Miss Heather:

The Red Cross should NOT be pressed into providing housing to individuals whose only mistake was not being informed consumers. This organization was not founded to assist people who have found themselves homeless as a result of a landlord’s malfeasance and this city’s ineptitude and/or lack of responsiveness when it comes to the protecting and serving its citizens. The blame for should be laid where it is truly due:

1. This city and the agencies charged with enforcing housing/building/fire code. Had the standing Stop Work Order on this property been enforced, this would never had happened.
2. The landlord: for not obeying the the aforementioned Stop Work Order and having a disregard for the safety of his tenants.
3. The real estate agents who leased out these “residential” lofts knowing full well that they are illegal. Anything for a buck.


ceiling on my head lady said...

Well, my madman landlord drove a ceiling onto my head and I was fortunate enough to find temporary lodging with my relatives while HPD supervised the rebuilding.

How can these "kids" be informed consumers when the corrupt pay the pad to HPD and DOB and have official records altered at will?

Out of town arrivals can't protect themselves better than natives and they do it to us too

Anonymous said...

Red Cross should and will help anyone unconditionally.

These hipsters are just slumming it. They're not really in need of help.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the poster is a landlord?

disposessed hipster said...

Yeah but the Red Cross only serves coffee lattes.

What are we to do?

ceiling on my head lady said...

A few days ago, I watched as "hipsters" were driven from their homes by the second fire in a few years in a building that I was told was only a brick facade with a wooden building underneath.

The woman who told me that has lived 90 years on that block. I lived on the block overr 20 years and did not know this.

Shall the new kids on the block become structural engineers so they can determine what firetraps they are moving into.

I agree that the Red Cross should not pay. After they provide emergency assistance they should recover monies from the violation ridden lying crooks who operate the deathtraps.

Queens Crapper said...

Most homes in Queens are built of wood. The old homes definitely are, and you can see the frame when the new ones are being constructed.

Being made of wood doesn't make it a firetrap.

Lino said...

"Being made of wood doesn't make it a firetrap."

No. However being OLD increases the danger due to a combination of dry wood and DIY wiring.

I now have seen three instances of Queens houses with potential disasters due to awful wiring.

Sunnyside just of QBL, a two family with lamp wire in the walls and ceiling. Another further out where a Filipino friend's family had one of their interior hallway lights fail. The electrician cord run between two fixtures, in the failed unit the wire had been screwed directly to the socket and heat from the bulb and burnt the insulation and wrecked the wire.

I had lent these two people the down payment for these houses and hate to think about what might have happened to their families if this situation hadn't been found in-time.

Another (restaurant owning) friend out in Douglas Manor had outlets that didn't work. I found heat corroded aluminum wiring.

All of these situations required expensive rework.

People need to -really inspect- the old places before buying...not a bad idea even if you have been there a long time.

ceiling on my head lady said...

Crappy, I am sorry I did not express myself more clearly. It's not that the building is old, but that a pretty facade has been laid over something with problems.

My own 1912 building had electricity reworked in the 1980's and had safe electricity until recently.

Since my landlord got busy, who knows? But a building that keeps catching afire obviously has problems.

Missing Foundation said...

How can these "kids" be informed consumers when the corrupt pay the pad to HPD and DOB and have official records altered at will?


This is because you call the agencies and get a run around.

Publicly attack the politicans who supposedly control them.

That is the only way you get any results.

Anonymous said...

Gee...didn't Tommy Huang once get caught using aluminum wiring somewhere?

Where were Brian Mc Lauglin's electricians?