Thursday, September 24, 2009

Doubting the "Bloomberg Education Miracle"

From the Neighborhood Retail Alliance:

Didn't anyone in the press who was commenting on the battle over mayoral control do any real due diligence?

In math, the kids in fourth grade meeting standards from 1999-2003 went from 49.6% to 66.7%, a gain of 17.1 points.From 2003-2007, it went from 66.7% to 74.1%, a gain of only 7.4 points. From 2007-2009, the rate meeting standards shot up to 84.9%, which gave them a gain of 18.2 points, slightly larger in six years than the pre-mayoral control gains of four years.

And then there are the invidious comparisons between the state and national tests-stark differences when the middle school results are examined. Here's where the Enron style accounting becomes most suspicious:

IN EIGHTH GRADE, a different story (if you believe it, since it is inconsistent with NAEP).In ELA, 8th grade rate of meeting standards declined from 1999-2003, from 35.3 to 32.6%. From 2003-2007, it rose from 32.6 to 41.8%. From 2003-2009, it went from 32.6 to 57.0%. NAEP, however, says that there was no gain at all in 8th grade reading from 2003-2007; and that NYC was the only city tested where scores in this grade actually declined for black and Hispanic kids.

Frankly, the unbelievable gains in math on state scores are a reflection of lowered standards; I am willing to take bets that NAEP will not show comparable gains. Remember that on NAEP, the 8th grade showed no significant gains from 03-07.

So what we really see here is a fraud perpetrated on a gullible press and a spin doctored public-victims of a multi-million dollar ad campaign designed to obfuscate the truth: the Bloomberg miracle is a hoax, and needs to be exposed by, not only the Thompson campaign, but by a press corps that needs to recapture its lost watch dog status.


Gary the Agnostic said...

He hasn't just cooked the books; he's fried them.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

He hasn't just cooked the books; he's fried them.

Und zey were delicious!

Anonymous said...

The press seems to be afraid of Mayor Megalomaniac, because he tends to throw nasty tantrums when they throw questions he doesn't like at him. They know as well as anyone that if they piss off a billionare Mayor, then they are blacklisted, and their ass is grass.

Anonymous said...

The press is not gullible.

Like the clubhouse is into making money, not governing, they are into ad revenues, not reporting.

The clubhouse and the print media are clutching at straws, and in the process, damning their cred with the public.

It takes a long time for the mighty to fall, but the trend is clear.

Go blogs! Go bloggers!

Taxpayer said...

So right about the press being complicit in the fraud. For profit.

Just like the fraudulent crime stats (entirely controlled by NYPD), the education stats are also entirely controlled by the DOE and UFT - neither of which spends a moment of interest in the education of the youngsters.

The kids are fodder for controlling the parents for votes and political support.

Dump this grifter from Boston!

Ask yourself: Do I want to be in control or do I want to be under control of the Commissar?

The answer is obvious. Take control of your own government.

taxpayer said...

Gary the Agnostic said...
"He hasn't just cooked the books; he's fried them."

- - -

With trans fats oil!